A Rouge ram – Why not?

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When chatting to sheep farmers who are using a Rouge ram in their flock the common response we hear when asked how they find them – they can’t understand why Rouge rams are not more widely used among commercial sheep farmers and believe they are truly undervalued within the sheep sector.

Profitability in the sheep flock depends very much on the number of lambs sold per ewe each year, good lamb thrive and being able to reduce costs – labour and vet fees.

How can a Rouge Ram help?

- Increasing prolificacy –improved lambing percentage

- Improving biosecurity/Reducing the risk of introducing disease – being able to produce replacement ewes

- Ease of lambing

- Lively lambs, quick to feet and suckle

- Rouge cross ewes tend to have great milking and mothering ability

- Rouge rams are active and fit to an old age

- Rouge sired lambs are fast growing

- Rouge cross well with any breed of ewe

The quality of the Rouge cross can be seen in the winners of the recent Rouge Fat Lamb competition – congratulations to the Hall Family who also successfully sell their Rouge cross ewe lambs for breeding every year commanding some of the top prices!

The NI Rouge club will be holding their Premier Sale on Bank Holiday Monday, 27th August in Dungannon Farmers Market