A year of achievement for Aurivo Co-Op

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In a year marked by ongoing volatility in global dairy markets, which in turn impacted farmers right across the country, 2018 was a year of overall achievement and progress for Aurivo - the globally-focused agribusiness, headquartered in the North West of Ireland.

Commenting, Aaron Forde, CEO of Aurivo said: “By and large 2018 was a challenging year for the Irish dairy sector - from volatile global markets to adverse weather conditions in Ireland.

“Against that backdrop however, with an eye to the future, Aurivo strove hard to ensure that it was a year of achievement for the Co-Op. As an innovative multi-purpose Co-Operative, we have a strong ambition to continue to grow a sustainable business that will not only create value for our members but ensure a certain future for our farms, our processes and our communities for generations to come.

“We look forward to an even more positive year ahead as we continue to expand our business and effectively continue to be one of the strongest member-owned organisations in the country.”

Commenting on 2018, Pat Duffy, Chairman of Aurivo said: “This is a confident business delivering for its members, and it is within that context that we highlight some of our key achievements in 2018. Aurivo has a long track record of achievement, much of this pointed out in the recent publication of ‘Fields of Gold’ – one of the most comprehensive studies ever undertaken of farming west of the Shannon.

“While we are proud of our history and track record, our focus is firmly on the future as we strive to continuously achieve and deliver for our members, our farmers, our employees and the communities we operate in.”

Aurivo’s financial and operational performance for 2018 will be announced in April.