Abbey Technology goes to a new level after 70 years in business

DM Band Spreader pictured in a field folded
DM Band Spreader pictured in a field folded

In 2017 Abbey Machinery celebrated 70 years manufacturing premium machine technologies for farmers and contractors across the globe. They recently commissioned their state of the art manufacturing facilities that employs the latest world class manufacturing techniques.

New Technologies

In 2017 they added a new flagship tri-axle 6,000 gallon tanker to their range. It is ideal for farmers looking to spread large volumes of slurry as rapidly as possible, without having negative effects on the environment. Flow metres and flow control options are now also available, to enhance the nutritive value from slurry, improve application rate control and further reduce artificial fertiliser purchases on farm.

Launching NEW Slurry Management

Animals only digest 15-20% of what they eat and the remainder is passed out and needs to be stored and applied to the land in a way that maximises its nutrient value. Abbey Machinery’s new ‘Guide to Slurry Management’, involves six key steps:

1 Storage and preparation of slurry

2 Slurry transportation

3 Application technology

4 Environmental considerations

5 Minimising compaction

6 Nutrient management

Unveiling New DM Band Spreader Applicator

This is a class leading, 7.5 metre door mounted band spreader that can be retro-fitted to the rear door of a tanker. There are additional support brackets and a welded bracket on the dish end for improved working life. It is mounted close to the slurry tanker for optimum weight transfer to the hitch and comes complete with a Vogelsang ExaCut distributor to prepare and present the slurry to each of the 40mm pipes. The booms are vertically folding for convenient transportation. The applicator presents the slurry in lines on the soil with the benefit of trapping the ammonia nitrogen below the crop canopy to harness more nitrogen, reduced smell and overall faster crop performance.

Diet Feeding Solutions

With a range of 19 diet feeding solutions to chop, mix and present feed in the correct format to entice optimum intakes and drive animal performance. These include the VF3350 Tri-Auger Feeder for larger farms and VF1350 added in 2017 for small to medium farmers. Their front cross raising conveyor uniquely feeds out left and right and can also raise to feed into a bunker 1.4m high.

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