Agritech focus on herd health at dairy event


Increased milk yields, greater production efficiencies, optimum health; all topics of high priority in our modern farming systems.

Farmers demand more from their stock and recognise that this can only be achieved through expert management techniques and quality inputs.

These are likely to be the strong messages coming from exhibitors at this years’ Winter Fair.

Calf Health

For one such exhibitor, Agritech, these challenges are at the centre of their existence and continue to introduce improved products to their portfolio in response to farmer requirements. According to Seamus O’Slatarra, Technical Director: “Herd health must begin from the moment the calf is born and that is why we have dedicated so much effort to bring a high quality Milk Replacer such as Vitalac to the market.”

Tried and tested by Teagasc at Grange Research Institute, Vitalac showed increases in live weight gain and concentrate intake of 8% and 10% over other leading brands on the market. The Vitalac range of Milk Replacers are whey-based, recommended for the stable and efficient rearing of dairy calves.  

Housing management for overall Herd Health

Agritech also develop products outside of feeding supplements and recently introduced ‘Sanitise’ to the market which they will be demonstrating at this years’ Winter Fair. Sanitise Bedding Conditioner is a housing and bedding conditioning solution to promote a dry hygienic environment in the bedding of all livestock. Recognising the importance of a dry lying area as the foundation for success in the fight against disease causing bacteria which are present in the animal lying areas, due to leaked milk, uterine discharges, urine, faeces, animal perspiration and humidity has been the force behind this product. However Seamus states that this product goes above and beyond traditional methods due to the inclusion of essential oils, hoof conditioner and low application rate.

Agritech will be exhibiting at Pavilion 2, Stand number 227.