AHDB looks at market volatility

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AHDB has embarked on an ambitious new initiative to tackle volatility in agricultural commodities markets.

Experts from across industry gathered in Westminster at the launch of the AHDB Volatility Forum on Wednesday.

The event saw farmers, processors, retailers and trade associations come together to seek practical solutions for businesses affected by market uncertainty across agricultural supply chains.

Forum members were tasked with maintaining a long-term focus on volatility management and providing a knowledge exchange hub between the industry, supply chain, academics and policy-makers.

The event was chaired by AHDB Dairy’s Gwyn Jones and saw Graham Redman from the Andersons Centre set the scene with a paper on market volatility and impacts on farm profitability over recent years. HSBC’s Allan Wilkinson followed with paper looking at opportunities to better deal with volatility across agriculture.

After the break, AHDB Lead Analyst Jack Watts outlined mechanisms for the forum to explore in-depth: forward contracts, formula pricing, derivatives, cooperation and integration, strategic business and government-backed. Anyone interested in the Volatility Forum should contact Jack Watts on 024 7647 8760, jack.watts@ahdb.org.uk