Ai Services offers a complete suite of bulls that are plus for fat and protein percentage

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All the main, featured bulls in the new Ai Services’ dairy sires catalogue are positive for both fat and protein percentage, according to the company’s breeding services’ manager Ivan Minford.

“Farmers now fully realise the extra value which better quality can milk deliver,” he said.

“Improved fat and protein levels in milk can make a real difference when it comes to the monthly milk cheque which farmers receive. Base price should only be a minimal target when it comes to the bonuses that are available from cows that can produce high levels of components.”

Ivan continued:

“The 2017 catalogue contains a mix of top bulls from all of the world’s main dairying regions. In addition to good components, they are all capable of breeding daughters that are robust and will survive well within a large herd environment.

“Longevity and excellent health traits, as opposed to absolute type, are key drivers for dairy farmers who want to improve the efficiency of their businesses for the long term.”

Ivan confirmed that genomic selection continues to identify elite breeding sires at an earlier age.

“The technology is extremely reliable. In fact, quite a number of the sires in the new catalogue were selected on the basis of their initial genomic proofs but now have the daughter recorded figures to back these up.

“Bulls that are genomically assessed will come through with very accurate daughter proofs. This is because the number of animals involved is very large, usually in the region of 100 to 500. And all of this work has, invariably, shown just how accurate the results of the initial genomic testing have become.”

Sexed semen is available from a number of the sires in the new catalogue.

“Again, this is an example of new technology working on producers’ behalf,” said Ivan.

“Farmers are more confident in using sexed semen on all their breeding stock. The fact is that they are now as likely to use sexed semen on cows as they are on heifers.”

The 2017 catalogue contains a number of eye catching new sires.

Co-op Troy Ambassador (USA):

This is an exciting new Troy son, out of a Supersire cross Superstition dam. Ambassador is an excellent production sire with components to match. His daughters have very good fertility with excellent lifespan. Troy is also a renowned calving ease sire.

Peak Jerod Abel (Holland):

Abel is exceptionally strong where type, udders, legs and feet are concerned. His current Fertility Index is an exceptional +11.5, well above the Holstein breed average. In addition, Abel improves all management traits and is a superb all-round sire for production and components

Barbarossa (Germany):

Barbarossa is ranked in the Top 20 of PLI sires. He is a massive production sire with over +67 kg of fat and protein. In addition, his daughters have excellent legs and feet. Barbarossa is specifically recommended for robotic milking systems.

Sully Hart Denim Mahuva (USA):

Mahuva has moved from genomic to daughter proven with excellent results. He is a tremendous all-round sire: very easy to use on a herd of cows. Mahuva has tremendous daughter fertility index: +5.2. He is also receiving very positive comments from farmers with regard to his semen fertility.

For further information on the new Ai Services’ Dairy Sires’ catalogue: telephone (028) 9083 3123.