Ai Services offers a Dutch trio of genomic sires

Pianoman's dam: Vero Paula 1
Pianoman's dam: Vero Paula 1

The first of these exciting new bulls is Apino Norman. Sired by Numero Uno, the dam is a VG 87 point daughter of Ramos, who produced 9636 kilos of milk at 4.4% butterfat and 3.4% protein in 305 days.

Apino Norman ranks high in the young genomic sires’ list with a PLI of £625. The bull is a real daughter health specialist with a lifespan of 0.6, which equates to a massive 180 days of extra longevity.

Daughter fertility is a staggering +16.3 , meaning 7 days shorter ‘shorter days’ open. Apino Norman also excels in terms of production. He is +365 kilos for milk and positive for both fat and protein percentages. In addition, his daughters are predicted to improve type by 2.69 and udders by 2.4

Vero Pianoman is the latest addition to Ai Services list of young genomic sires. Pianoman is a son of Dorcy Mogul, from a Planet daughter. In her first lactation she produced 9442 litres of milk and in her second lactation this figure rose to 13856 kilos, both in 305 days and with really good components.

Pianoman’s PLI for production is over 600 kilos with strong weights for both fat and protein. He also increases lifespan by 0.5, which equates to an extra 150 days longevity. Pianoman not only improves production: he also excels in his type traits. The bull is + 3.33 for type, +2.87 for udders and a massive 3.29 for legs and feet. This sire is the complete package and not to be missed,

Texel Beauty Debutant is the third of the genomic trio. He is from that great cow family, which traces its roots back to Round Oak Apple Elevation. Debutant’s grand dam is Scientific Gold Dish Rae with his great grand dam Scientific Gold Dish Debutant Ex 92, who has bred many outstanding progeny over the years. His pedigree goes right back to the host famous cow of all: Hanoverhill TT Roxette EX96. Debutant is sired by King’s Ranson Dakker, who is a Man-O-Man son.

The dam of Debutant is by Charle Dale Superstition. He is one of the most widely used bulls in the USA at the present time with over 23,000 daughters currently milking. Debutant is exceptional in all of his production and management traits with a lifespan of +0.4 and daughter fertility of +9.1.

“The three new genomic bulls all have something to offer milk producers in Northern Ireland,” commented Ai Services breeding manager Ivan Minford.

“They combine excellent production with health and type traits.”