Alltech puts the focus firmly on dairy

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Following on from previous years successes, Alltech has confirmed its sponsorship of the ‘Dairy Farmer of the Year’ category at the 2015 Farming Life Awards.

“We are delighted yet again, to be a sponsor at this year’s awards,” confirmed Alltech’s Fergal McAdam.

“Events such as these play a key role in raising the profile of the agri-food sector as a whole in Northern Ireland.

“As a company, Alltech is committed to developing innovative nutritional solutions for dairy cattle and livestock, that will have a beneficial impact right along the agri-food production and processing chain.

“Alltech is working closely with producers in dairy and other sectors of local agriculture. In doing so, we are fully aware of the tremendous commitment made by dairy farmers throughout Northern Ireland and the innovation they are showing. This in turn, underpins a milk processing sector, which is a key driver for the economy as a whole.”

Alltech is a global leader in the fields of both animal health and nutrition. It is among the top ten animal health companies in the world, focused on the development of natural, scientific solutions to enable farmers to meet the needs of their livestock in the most comprehensive way possible.

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, and its European headquarters in Dunboyne, Co Meath, Alltech has offices and distributors in 128 countries; three bioscience centres; and 32 manufacturing facilities located strategically throughout the world.

The company is committed to the improvement of animal health and performance by adding natural, nutritional technologies to animal diets.

Now in their fifth year, the Farming Life and Danske Bank awards provides a number of categories to reward all sectors of the industry, including the primary producers.