Amazone Catros compact disc harrow now in province

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In conjunction with farm machinery distributor, Farmhand, Amazone dealers throughout Northern Ireland have announced the arrival of the all-new Catros 3003 compact disc harrow on to the market.

Available now, the 3-metres wide Catros 3003 is selling at a price £2,300 below the existing Catros 3001.

Like the market-leading Catros 3001, the new 3003 is designed for shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage and is fitted with the same 460mm plain discs which have proven to be ideal working at a depth of 2”- 5”.

Easier to set than the previous model, it was found, during extensive field trials, to deliver an even more perfect result across a variety of uses from stubble cultivation to grass-reseeding work.

With high forward speeds and impressive work rates, other features of the ‘easy pulling’ unit include superior build quality, long-lasting durability, lifetime maintenance-free bearings, rubber overload protection and full road lights.

According to Farmhand sales support manager, Val McAuley, the 3003 is expected to “appeal to value-driven farmers and contractors and is eligible for the latest EU TAMS II support”.

Backed by an Amazone Finance package, the 3003, with open crumbler roller, is available at an initial ‘hitch up and go’VAT exclusive payment of just under £1,050, followed 
by an additional nine half yearly payments of the same amount.

For further information, customers are asked to contact Farmhand’s sales support manager, Val McAuley (telephone: +353 87 244 0893) or their nearest Amazone dealer, details on