An encouraging investment in wind power

100kW North Wind turbine.
100kW North Wind turbine.

Three years ago Frank and Colin Boggs installed a wind turbine on their dairy farm at Banbridge in Co Down. This was a big investment to make and they were hopeful that it would be a success for the business.

Their farm sits on a hilltop with an open aspect to the south and west. Their site had a good wind resource and consideration of the known facts suggested that a wind turbine should give as good a return on investment as any of the other options available to them. In addition it would provide another income stream for the farm.

A 100 kW North Wind turbine was erected in the summer of 2012 and was operational by that autumn. The performance of the turbine has been encouraging with an average power factor of 28% over the three years. There are a number of reasons for this good output of electricity as well as the good site. The turbine is of modern design with a direct drive system instead of a gearbox. In addition it is mounted on a 37 meter tower placing it in an area of higher wind speeds.

Colin will be speaking about his experience of investing in wind power at the Practical On-farm Renewable Energy event at Greenmount Campus on Thursday 29 October. This event is open to anyone who has an interest in renewable energy technologies.

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