Annual Oxford Farming event

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The Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC), 6th and 7th January, is set to kick start the UN Year of Soils 2015 in January, bringing together speakers from across the world to discuss this vital competent of agriculture.

Dr Elaine Ingham, leading American soil biology researcher and founder of Soil Foodweb Inc will be one of the conference’s keynote speakers. She will be explaining how nurturing the relationship between roots and soil can reduce fertiliser bills as well as enhance plant health. On the two days’ following the conference Dr. Ingham will deliver two one-day workshops on understanding and nurturing the life of the soil.

“This is a rare opportunity to catch Dr Ingham in the UK and we encourage anyone who is interested in the life of the soil to attend one of these workshops,” said Dr. John Meadley, who has organized her visit to the conference.

Other soil experts represented at the conference include Dr. Bruce Ball, who will be teaching delegates how to assess soil structural quality and Jonathan Smith from Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit who will be chairing a panel on carbon sequestration and examining how farmers can measure, improve and take advantage of the high carbon storage capacity of well-managed soils.

Tickets are nearly sold out. The few remaining can be purchased from