Annual show and sale at Fivemiletown

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The Annual Show & Sale of Wintered Suckled Calves took place at Fivemiletown on Friday, with an excellent entry of quality calves, which met with a strong trade, with some exceptional prices.

The Champion Calf was a Char Hfr presented by T Farrell, Fivemiletown, which sold for £1230/270kg. Second prize Hfr went to C Johnston, Fivemiletown, which fetched £730/240kg. Third prize to K Humphreys, Letterbreen, £870/310kg.

BULLOCKS: First prize to K Caldwell, Fivemiletown, for a Char £990/360 kg. Second prize - K Humphreys, Letterbreen, £1050/350 kg. Third prize - S Cassidy, Roslea, £870/300 kg. OTHER PRICES:

BULLOCKS/BULLS: L McCutcheon, Clabby, Char £1000/420 kg, £950/340 kg, £870/340 kg. C Johnston, Fivemiletown , Lim £945/360 kg. P McCaffrey, Tempo, Lim £970/360 kg, £800/340 kg. I Wilson, Lisnaskea, Lim £850/310 kg. J Thompson, Tempo, Char £810/330 kg, £790/290 kg, £710/240 kg. K Caldwell, Fivemiletown, Char £915/410 kg. C Brown, Trillick, Sim £840/320 kg, AA £800/320 kg. D Mayne, Fivemiletown, AA £880/360 kg, £820/340 kg, £810/340 kg, £775/330kg. J McGrenaghan, Omagh, Char £695/310 kg, £660/330 kg. K McCaughey, Tempo, Char £795/280 kg. B Mullarkey, Lisnaskea, Sal £660/280 kg. D Boles, Lisbellaw, Char £820/250 kg. L Duncan, Tempo, Lim £815/370 kg, AA £735/290 kg, £790/320 kg.

HEIFERS: I McCutcheon, Clabby, Char £860/300 kg. L McCutcheon, Clabby, Char £870/280 kg, £710/320 kg. C Johnston, Fivemiletown, £800/300 kg, £730/240 kg. B Mullarkey, Roslea, Char £780/270 kg. R Greenan, Garrison, Char £690/230 kg, £625/250 kg, £655/180 kg. K McCaughey, Tempo, Char £635/260 kg, £635/230 kg. P Irwin, Tempo, Char £700/300 kg. R Smyton, Fivemiletown , Char £660/250 kg, £665/270 kg.


BULLOCKS: P O’Neill, Dromore, £1065/500 kg. E McGirr, Fintona, Char £940/480 kg, £600/320 kg. J Brian, Trillick, AA £705/360 kg, £690/320 kg, £750/410 kg.

HEIFERS: P O’Neill, Dromore, Char £1095/560 kg. I McCauley, Roslea, Sim £855/360 kgg, £820/340 kg, £815/360 kg, £750/320 kg. T Wilson, Lisnaskea, Char £750/360 kg, £740/340 kg. J Brian, Trillick, Lim £725/360 kg, AA £695/370 kg. SUCKLING COWS – P McCluskey, Roslea, ’00 Cow £1300. E Beggan, Roslea,’10 Cow £1240. The Show was sponsored by Wm Bell Tractors, E & R Bennett Plumbing Supplies, and I Smyton Quality Butchers, Fivemiletown