Another excellent turnout of cattle at Lisahally

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Another excellent sale on Wednesday with bullocks selling up to £1100/580kg, heifers £1040/530kg. More stores needed to meet demand.


S Hamilton £1100/580kg, Thomas Patton £1100/600kg, Mervyn McCombe £1040/510kg, £1020/510kg, £1010/52kg, £950/500kg, £885/440kg, £870/450kg, Thomas Patton £975/580kg, £975/550kg, Raymond Matthews £920/530kg, £800/530kg, George Hamilton 3820/470kg, £805/470kg, Gordan Ross £780/430kg, James McGaughey £750/530kg, C and D Livestock £710/400kg, £705/390kg, £690/340kg, £680/380kg, £680/390kg, £670/360kg, £650/320kg, £640/330kg, £630/310kg, James Neely £670/330kg, Gordan Ross £630/360kg, Raymond Matthews £620/500kg, James Neely £600/350kg, £570/280kg.


Thomas Patton £1040/530kg, £980/510kg, £915/520kg, £895/480kg, £880/480kg, James McGaughey £945/550kg, Alexander McLaughlin £945/590kg, £910/570kg, £900/500kg, David Smyth £925/580kg, £855/550kg, £850/530kg, £850/490kg, George Hamilton £845/480kg, £800/450kg, Thomas Patton £845/460kg, £815/450kg, £800/460kg, £790/460kg, £775/410kg, £770/430kg, £760/440kg, Alexander McLaughlin £810/540kg, Alan McCay £800/530kg, Patrick McNicholl £800/530kg, Gordan Ross £765/450kg, £685/430kg, £675/390kg, George Hamilton £730/440kg.