Another good entry of cattle at Lisnaskea

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Another good entry this week sold to a very keen demand for quality lots with many more required to satisfy a strong demand,


Store bullocks: Derrylin producer 690kg AA to £1025, 600kg Ch to £1000, 600kg B/B to £965, 620kg Lim to £928 and 620kg AA to £905. Derrylin producer 460kg AA to £715 and 380kg AA to £715.

Store heifers Derrylin producer 420kg Lim to £805 and 400kg Lim to £600.

Cows and calves: Augher producer £1500 for heifer and heifer calf.

Weanling steers and bulls: Lisnaskea producer 510kg Ch to £905. Enniskillen producer 370kg Ch to £870 twice. Newtownbutler producer 420kg Ch to £845 and 370kg Ch to £830. Newtownbutler producer 410kg Ch to £838. Lisnaskea producer 390kg Ch to £804. Lisnaskea producer 320kg Ch to £795. Lisnaskea producer 370kg Lim to £818, 350kg Lim to £758, 340kg AA to £714 and 240kg Lim to £490. Enniskillen producer 360kg Sim to £780, twice. Lisnaskea producer 430kg Ch to £758 and 430kg Ch to £730. Lisnaskea producer 320kg Lim to £718 and 280kg Lim to £650. Bellanaleck producer 240kg Ch to £704, 280kg Lim to £650 and 220kg Ch to £602. Derrylin producer 320kg Lim to £716. Lisnaskea producer 340kg Lim to £708, 290kg Lim to £645, 250kg Lim to £616, 250kg Ch to £610, and 240kg Lim to £590. Derrylin producer 360kg Ch to £705, 280kg Daq to £645 and 340kg AA to £605. Newtownbutler producer 280kg Ch to £660, 250kg Ch to £568 and 230kg AA to £528. Derrylin producer 320kg Her to £604, 330kg Her to £572, 300kg Her to £550, 280kg Her to £530 260kg Her to £530 and 260kg Her to £510. Rosslea producer 240kg Sim to £602 and 230kg Sim to £540. Enniskillen producer 270kg Lim to £600. Derrylin producer 200kg Lim to £500.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Lisnaskea producer 510kg Lim to £840. Newtownbutler producer 440kg Ch to £805 and 390kg Lim to £752. Derrylin producer 370kg Ch to £732, 380kg Ch to £708, 330kg Ch to £640, 310kg Ch to £618, 250kg Ch to £525. Lisnaskea producer 350kg Sim to £710, 270kg Lim to £608 and 190kg Ch to £468. Lisnaskea producer 300kg Lim to £670 and 340kg Lim to £660. Lisnaskea producer 360kg Ch to £665, 320kg Ch to £650 and 300kg Ch to £600. Boho producer 270kg Lim to £655, 300kg Lim to £590 and 280kg Lim to £565. Lisnaskea producer 310kg Lim to £635, 290kg Lim to £510 and 210kg Lim to £500. Enniskillen producer 300kg Ch to £615, 240kg Ch to £540 and 180kg Lim to £452. Lisnaskea producer 270kg Lim to £590, 250kg Lim to £560 and 250kg Lim to £500. Newtownbutler producer 250kg Ch to £532 and 230kg Ch to £532. Newtownbutler producer 240kg Char to £500, twice.