Another strong seasonal entry of quality cattle at Swatragh

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Cattle: Another strong seasonal entry of quality cattle on Monday 7th December sold to a sharp trade with some exceptional prices, more quality stock is required to meet demand.

Heifers selling to £755 for 392kg while bullocks sold to £970 for 490kgs with first calving heifers with month old calves at foot selling to £1,160.

Sample prices: Heifers: Upperlands producer 392kg, £755; 398kg, £700; Swatragh producer 418kg, £700; 254kg, £520; 318kg, £630; 436kg, £735; 346kg, £675; 398kg, £700.

Bullocks: Swatragh producer 490kg, £970; 510kg, £940; Upperlands producer 340kg, £790.

Sheep: A very strong seasonal entry of 745 sheep at Swatragh on Saturday 5th December witnessed a better lamb trade than the previous week. Several pens of heavy lambs sold well in excess of £71.00 each to a top rate of £75.50, middleweight lambs sold to £69.50 for 23.25kg while store lambs were excellent again and sold to £48.50 for 14kg, ewes sold to £76.00.

Sample prices: Heavyweight lambs: Maghera producer 21 lambs 26.25kg at 75.50 = 288p; Toomebridge producer 10 lambs 28kg at 74.20 = 265p; Magherafelt producer 11 lambs 24.75kg at 73.20 = 296p; Toomebridge producer 12 lambs 26.25kg at 72.00 = 274p.

Middleweight lambs: Draperstown producer 3 lambs 23.25kg at 69.50 = 299p; Swatragh producer 6 lambs 22.75kg at 67.50 = 297p; Ballycastle producer 6 lambs 23.25kg at 67.50 = 290p; Portglenone producer 20 lambs 23.25kg at 67.00 = 288p.

Store lambs: Swatragh producer 2 lambs 14kg at 48.50 = 346p; Feeny producer 4 lambs 16.5kg at 55.00 = 333p; Feeny producer 8 lambs 16.25kg at 55.20 =3.40p.

Ewes: Toomebridge producer 3 Texels at 76.00; Toomebridge producer 7 Texels at 75.