Appeal for help in tracing missing Killinchy bullock

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A one year old black bullock has gone missing in the area of the Thornyhill Road/Saintfield Road, Killinchy.

It was purchased at the end of August 2015 at Saintfield Market. On the morning of Thursday 3rd September 2015 the bullock was observed on Thornhill Road having again escaped from its field. The owner located the animal in a neighbour’s field at approximately 1pm and left it in the field with the neighbour’s permission. Upon returning to retrieve the animal at 5pm on the same date it was again missing.

Police believe this bullock may well have been placed into another farmer’s field and the owners may not yet be aware.

Police are asking for local farmers to check their fields and be on the lookout. Anyone with information is asked to contact Constable Eccles on 07795607311. The animal’s Tag number is UK937245501442.