Approval granted for compost yard

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Planning permission has been granted for the development of a state of the art, £15 million, in vessel composting facility in Tullyvallon, Ballygawley, County Tyrone.

The application from Northway, the Northern Ireland based producer organisation, was made late last year and will see the introduction of a state of the art indoor facility that is the first of its kind in the UK.

Established in 2000 Northway represents 29 mushroom growers across Ireland producing 32,500 tonnes of mushrooms annually employing over 1000 people.

The development of the compost yard will secure an additional 25 positions and produce 57,000 tonnes of top class substrate annually. The Northway story paints a clear picture of the benefits of farmers working together.

Speaking after the Planning Meeting Elaine Shaw, Northway CEO said: “I am delighted that the green light has been given on this project. I would like to thank everyone involved in the process, from politicians who recognised the need and supported us on this project to government agencies for their fast and efficient approach to this planning application, all of which was professionally managed by Thomas Bell planning consultants Clyde Shanks Belfast.

“Through initiatives such as going for growth supported by both DARD/DETI there has been a realisation that we must grow to meet the demands of the wider European Market. We are confident making this investment and securing much needed compost will secure the future for Northway growers and the wider mushroom industry.

“We already punch above our weight in tough economic circumstances, were resources are limited. With a reliable source of compost on our doorstep Northway can ensure the continued supply of their fully traceable ethically produced world class mushrooms.”

This latest development demonstrates a significant investment by Northway for the benefit of its members, their industry and also the local economy, together in assisting in the delivery of the Producer Organisations’ mission of working together as an industry, to achieve shared aims and objectives.

Northway is a Producer Organisation, established for over 15 years which represents 29 mushroom grower members throughout Ireland

The development at the site at Tullyvallon, Ballygawley, will create 25 new jobs in the local area.