Arable Conference 2017

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Farming is always changing and current times are certainly no exception, writes Robin Bolton, Senior Arable Development Adviser, CAFRE.

One major issue that will affect farming in the future is the outcome of Brexit. While the impact may be a number of years away it is important that farmers develop an understanding of future support mechanisms for agriculture that would benefit their sector. This will place them in a better position to support their lobbying organisations and to ensure their voice is heard in the ongoing negotiations.

With this in mind Tom Hind, Chief Strategy Officer with the AHDB, has been invited to address the upcoming Cafre UAS UFU 2017 Arable Conference.

Mr Hind has led the AHDB analysis of the potential impacts of Brexit and has also produced a paper looking at agricultural support mechanisms from around the world elements of which may be implemented here post Brexit.

The Arable Conference will take place on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at Greenmount Campus CAFRE.