Are you maximising growth from young calves?

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With tight margins and growing costs, farmers understand that optimising calf nutrition and performance are now a very important part of farming.

The better they grow before weaning, the better they grow after weaning and nutrition is vitally important in a young calf to maximise growth, reduce risk of disease and lower mortality rates. Without knowing, many calves will not be reaching their growth potential or end up sick through feeding a low quality product or underfeeding.

Schils VanDrie in Holland, who manufacture Eringold’s Milk replacers, rear over 1.2 million calves a year and manufacture 480,000 tonnes of milk replace a year. With their knowledge and expertise in calf rearing and nutrition they have specifically formulated milk replacers for Eringold with growth, health and performance in mind.

With farmers wanting to get the best out of their calves, many think of quantity of milk replacer but the most important thing with calf performance is to feed a quality product.

This is why Eringold’s milk replacers are made up of highly digestible milk proteins, easily absorbed fats, with the right balance of amino acids, vitamins and minerals and with the added bonus of their Schils Protection Plus which helps prevent disease in young calves and stimulate appetite to encourage earlier and higher concentrate intakes.

Another important contributing factor in a good milk replacer is production. This is where Schils VanDrie cannot be beaten. With their ongoing research in calf nutrition, their extensive knowledge of producing milk replacers and their innovative product development, farmers can rest assured with Eringold and Schil’s long-lasting partnership you will receive a consistent high quality product that will exceed your calf rearing needs.

If you would like more information on the range of products please do not hesitate on calling Chris 07739 061 672 or Robert 07770 775 212.