Bayern Genetik boasts proven genetics

Bayern Genetik's number two TMI Fleckvieh sire Reumut boasts +840 kilos of milk, fat +0.01%, protein +0.01%, beef index 110, and udder score 121.
Bayern Genetik's number two TMI Fleckvieh sire Reumut boasts +840 kilos of milk, fat +0.01%, protein +0.01%, beef index 110, and udder score 121.

Bayern Genetik’s dedicated Fleckvieh breeding programme has been given a tremendous vote of confidence in the April proof run.

The formulae for the official German and Austrian Fleckvieh breeding values were updated prior to the latest proof run.

The Total Merit Index (TMI) is now made up of 44% animal health, 38% milk production and 18% beef production.

Bulls with low to moderate fertility scores have dropped in the rankings.

Traits such as fertility, longevity and udder health account for 34% of the animal health score; while the calculation for the ratio of fat to protein, which was originally 8 to 1 in favour of protein, has been changed to almost equal.

Gone are the days of producing large volumes of inferior quality milk which will soon receive significant penalties under the new proposed payment system.

David Hazelton, UK and Ireland agent for Bayern Genetik, welcomed the re-formatted proof run.

“As a company we have always promoted the concept of dual-purpose Fleckvieh, and we are delighted to have four bulls in the latest top ten.

“Some rival companies claim they lead and others follow, but this statement could not be further from the truth.

“ The latest Bayern Genetik catalogue for GB and Northern Ireland boasts 12 bulls, all of which are daughter proven.”

He continued: “Eight of the bulls featured boast plus percentages for both butterfat and protein; while all of them have beef indices well above breed average – an essential selection trait for anyone aiming to achieve premium prices for baby calves, stores and finished cattle.

“All of the bulls have positive udder scores, with five of them having scores of 112 and higher.”

Bayern Genetik has never marketed bulls with negative udder scores in Northern Ireland. The TMI index is now geared to produce a healthy, functional, dual purpose cow capable of producing 8,000 to 9,000 litres of quality milk, a valuable beef calf, and a valuable cull cow at the end of her working life.

David added: “Bayern Genetik has been working towards this goal for many years. The company’s current flagship bull is Reumut who is equal number two on the current list.

“He is currently being used extensively in many other breeding programmes across Europe, and has produced many high genomic sons who are awaiting their daughter proofs.

“Many sons of other Bayern Genetik bulls, such as Wildwest, Waldbrand, Ilion and Round-up are now appearing on the proven Fleckvieh TMI list.”

David Hazelton concluded: ”We have numerous satisfied customers province-wide.

“Anyone interested in talking to these farmers and seeing the benefits of using Bayern Genetik’s bloodlines can contact me to arrange a visit to one or more farms.”

For further information, and to request copies of the current catalogue and Fleckvieh World magazine, contact David Hazelton on mobile 07841 748764.