Beekeeping courses for beginners due to get underway in the new year

Beekeeping courses are due to get underway in the new year
Beekeeping courses are due to get underway in the new year

Dromore Beekeepers are preparing for the New Year by treating all bees kept at the association apiary with Api-bioxal.

This is to control populations of Varroa destructor, a parasite mite that lives on honey bees, that can lead to a range of problems including colony collapse.

Members joined the apiary team for a post festive gathering complete with mince pies and mulled wine prior to application. This was well attended by members of Dromore Beekeepers association.

With the new year approaching now is the time to finally start a new hobby or develop a new skill that you’ve always promised yourself. Beekeeping might be for you. Dromore Beekeepers meet on the third Tuesday of every month in Dromore High School, science resource department. Come along on Tuesday 21st of January 2020, 7.30pm to hear accomplished beekeeper, Billy Millar- Killinchy Beekeeping Association, on how to get into beekeeping. He will be covering how to start up with bees including: equipment, costs and the best ways to learn about honeybees. For more information please email:

Also in 2020, Dromore Bee Keepers Association are offering an accredited beekeeping training for beginners in conjunction with the Federation of Irish Beekeepers which commences in January 2020. The Preliminary course is aimed at those who have an interest in, or even thinking about keeping bees, but have not attended a course. It covers the basics of beekeeping from setting up an apiary, acquiring bees, health and safety, hive management, swarm control, diseases and honey production.

The course will be held in Dromore High School and consists of seven evening classroom sessions commenting 28th January 2020 7.30pm and additional practical beekeeping sessions in the apiary in April/early May when it becomes possible to examine hives and manipulate bees. The syllabus is available on . The Preliminary Examination comprises a half hour written paper and a practical Apiary Examination and will take place on a Saturday in May 2020.

The fee for the Preliminary course Scientific is £120; which covers the seven classroom based evening sessions, three apiary practical sessions and the Examination Fee. Course members are required to enrol as members of Dromore Beekeepers’ Association. Membership normally costs £20 but a specially discounted rate of £10 will apply for the first year. Association membership includes third party and product liability insurance, which is advisable for all those who keep bees. If you are interested please visit the CAFRE website to enrol: