Benefits of ‘All Guard’ Ewe bolus

Robert McDowell
Robert McDowell

Mayo Health Care “All Guard Ewe” is the only pretupping bolus we will be sourcing for our customers this year, writes Robert McDowell, McDowell Dairyside Stores, Larne.

He continued: “We have stocked a range of Pre-Tupping boluses for our customers in the Larne/Antrim area for over a decade.

John McKinty

John McKinty

“Last August 2018, was the first time we stocked Mayo Health Care as we had a lot of customers coming into the store asking for the MHC “All Guard Ewe” bolus.

“At that stage we knew very little about the bolus. In order to gain confidence in the product I decided to use the “All Guard Ewe” on my own flock of over 300 Cheviot and Suffolk-Cheviot Ewes.

“I used the “5in1” which has copper. What really impressed me, was that it is the only ewe bolus available that had Zinc, and it had double the cobalt of any other bolus I had in stock, and great levels of Iodine and Selenium. From my own experience and customer feedback:

- Great bloom in the ewes (probably down to the Cobalt)

- Really easy to administer

- Increased lambing percentages

- Reduced barren rate

- Top quality but great value price, and the bolus guns are not expensive.

- Shorter lambing period, as took to the ram quicker.”

John McKinty’s feedback, is a typical example of our customers’ experiences, of the change over to the MHC “All Guard Ewe” bolus.

John McKinty, Sheep and Suckler Farmer, Larne said: “I run a flock of Texel Mules crossed with Suffolk. I have used pre-tupping boluses for five years now.

“Last year was the first year I used the MHC “All Guard Ewe” from Robert McDowell. It was hard to change, from what I was used to, but I checked with a friend who is highly regarded as a sheep expert in the industry, and he highly recommended them, especially in relation to their high spec. In fact, he also had changed over to the MHC bolus last year too.

“The previous bolus I used was a very large bolus and I never gave them to my ewe lambs for tupping out of fear some would choke on them.

“I was impressed by how the MHC bolus is really dense and heavy, which I feel means that it stays in the ewe.

“I did not see one ewe regurgitate the bolus. It is small in size so I could safely give it to my ewe lambs pre-tupping as well.

“What was really noticeable about using the bolus was the thrive and quick bloom I got from the ewes.

“I know from talking to my neighbours the general consensus is lambing percentages have increased and thrive has been excellent.

“This year, will also be the first year I will be using a high energy propylene glycol based drench called TUPMASTER three weeks pre-tupping.

“I’m very confident it will give a quick boost to the system and give an optimum energy status pre breeding.”