Bespoke calf rearing unit helps deliver improved performance on Broughshane dairy farm

Broughshane dairy farmer Ian Maybin discussing the design of the new calf shed with Moore Concrete's Jeff Haslett
Broughshane dairy farmer Ian Maybin discussing the design of the new calf shed with Moore Concrete's Jeff Haslett

Even the briefest inspection of the new calf rearing unit on the dairy farm of Dessie and Ian Maybin is sufficient for visitors to gauge how well the new facility is working.

“We sat down and worked through the design of the new unit from first principles,” Ian commented.

“Our aim was to construct a building that meets the comfort needs of the calves, of absolute importance was ensuring that they are guaranteed a draught free environment at all times.”

The Maybins’ Dunaird Holstein herd comprises 220 cows.

“We have put 70 calves through the new unit already,” Ian continued.

“Daily growth rates have been extremely impressive and we have had no problems at all with either scours or respiratory issues. As a consequence, the calves have been weaned without any problems at all and are fit to grow on as weanlings without any upset at all.”

One of the most interesting structural features of the new shed is the use of pre-stressed wall panels, manufactured by Moore Concrete.

“These were used on both the external walls and to form the internal divisions within the house,” said Ian.

Wall panels offer significant time and cost savings over traditional building methods. There is no need for foundations, as the panels can rest on the post foundation or on landing brackets.

Designed for speed of installation, Moore Concrete pre-stressed wall panels are supplied made to measure and ready for immediate use. They are manufactured and cured to the highest standards.

“We opted for this approach because the panels can be erected the instant they arrive on site. What’s more, when used as internal divisions, they can be easily washed down between groups of calves, or removed completely if necessary.”

Available in a choice of thicknesses, 100, 150, 200 and 250mm depending on the application. Each pre-stressed wall panel is manufactured to the highest quality standards and bear CE Marking.

Moore Concrete’s Jeff Haslett was a recent visitor to the Maybin farm.

“Our panels are available in 600, 1000, 1200 and 1500mm heights. They are joined together using a tongue and groove system. The length of each panel can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

“Moore Concrete panels can be used in the building of structural walls for livestock or general purpose buildings. These panel walls are supplied with a smooth finish which can be easily cleaned.”

Jeff concluded: “The wall panels are bolted to or slotted in between the RSJ units.”

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