Blaney’s grant eligible grassland machinery

Blaney 8ft offset
Blaney 8ft offset

Co Antrim based company Blaney Agri manufacture a growing range of tractor machinery to help contribute to modernising local farmers’ businesses and improving production techniques.

Blaney are pleased that their machinery for improving your grassland including rush mulchers, tractor mounted weed wipers and aerators are all grant eligible as is a wide range of their feeding and bedding equipment.

3m Offset

3m Offset

Blaney Agri are celebrating 10 years of Power Shredder technology, the magic behind the success of their unique rush mulchers from 4ft to 10 ft – available for tractors and quads.

Blaney’s machinery is designed to work in the toughest of conditions to alleviate concerns that failure to perform rush control could result in a deduction to Single Farm Payment.

The Power Shredder chops the scrub/rushes and material very finely into a mulch-like material and spreads them more evenly. Surprisingly cut rushes contain 70% NPK value of farmyard manure and put humus back into the land.

So by using the Power Shredder to cut rushes you are also fertilising the ground to help boost grass growth and profitability.

The Power Shredder is also a speedy tool for topping grassland areas.

Blaney Agri have developed an innovative range of tractor mounted wipers offering contact widths of 3m, 4.5m and 5.7m, all eligible for grant assistance.

The tractor mounted wipers are equipped with innovative highly absorbent fibre dual rollers to ensure superb chemical retention on the surface and for excellent application to weeds for effective and efficient weed kill.

In clumps of weeds the twin rollers rotate in different directions to separate the weeds to apply more chemical up each individual stem giving faster weed kill rates.

The second roller also acts as a reservoir to absorb any excess chemical that may be on the primary roller, to minimise the risk of dripping which can cause grass/crops to burn.

Although mounted to the three-point linkage, the tractor wipers are still ground driven to ensure each section follows the contours of the ground independently for maximum weed kill.

The wider models have been developed for easy road transport with an innovative fold-up design.

Each section can be manipulated individually via fully electronic in-cab controls, to follow the ground contours easily.

It will not be too long until any grassland farmer’s focus is back on grass yield.

Blaney Agri manufacture aerators / slitters and one pass grassland systems designed to cut through compact layers of soil to allow soluble nitrates like iron to move freely and not be built up within the compacted soil layers.

Through using the Blaney Aerator it can release the equivalent of 50kg of nitrates per hectare.

The Blaney Agri Aerator allows grass to recover quicker after it has been mowed for improved grass growth rates.

It allows the nitrates from fertiliser or slurry to be absorbed into the soil, preventing the expensive fertiliser running off or being washed off the ground.

This increases the root development and boosts your grass yield rates. Through the use of Blaney Agri Aerator you will reduce fertiliser bills and grow more grass.

Contact Blaney Agri to find your nearest dealer and find out how their innovative machinery, designed and made in Northern Ireland can help with grassland yields this Spring. Call the team on 028 2587 2801 or visit