Blondes prove to be the winning ticket

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Bangor farmer Richard McDowell certainly has discovered a winning breed.

Four years ago Richard won the top prize, a pedigree Blonde heifer kindly donated by well-known Blonde breeder, yodelling and country singer Kenny Archer, to help raise funds for Cancer Research.

Previously Richard had used other continental breeds but always admired the Blonde breed when at Balmoral or local shows.

Very impressed with his winning heifer Richard later purchased a Blonde bull from Tobermore breeder Wesley Tomb for use on commercial cows. Since then Richard has never regretted changing to the Blonde breed praising many of the breed’s attributes -ease of calving, calf vigour, conformation and growth rate. Concluding Richard stated his Blonde calves consistently achieve top prices at local Saintfield Mart proving a market demand.

With quality in mind Richard has since started his own pedigree herd “Meadowvale Blondes” of which we wish him every success.

With suckled calf sales commencing why not consider purchasing quality Blonde calves?

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