‘Breeding for performance’ sheep event

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A series of Beef and Sheep events entitled ‘Future proofing Beef and Sheep farming’, has been organised during 2019 by AFBI, CAFRE, AgriSearch and the LMC.

Each event focuses on one of three key topics under the control of the producer, with clear take home messages in relation to Grazing for growth, Breeding for performance and Finishing Beef and Lamb.

The next event will be held on Tuesday, 9th July at 7pm in Draperstown Livestock Market, (Richard Beattie Livestock Sales), Derrynoyd Road, Draperstown, BT45 7AH. The event will last for approximately two hours. This event focuses on tools available to better select ewes and rams, for more targeted and informed breeding strategies.

Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) in particular can be used to evaluate an animal’s genetic merits for a range of production traits. Sam Boon from Signet breeding services will start the evening by discussing how EBVs are obtained. He will demonstrate the financial benefits (increases in carcass value per lamb) that farmers have achieved after using EBVs to select terminal sires. Sam will also provide an update on eight new EBVs and two new breeding indexes that have been developed using data from the RamCompare Programme. These include EBVs for primal yields and shear force, indicative of meat tenderness.

Following this Dr Aurélie Aubry from AFBI will present some of the first results of the RamCompare NI project, which aims to improve our understanding and awareness of EBVs.

Dr Eileen McCloskey from CAFRE will discuss how current information systems and technology can be used to facilitate data collection on farms. Using electronic identification systems is crucial to quantify the performance of the farm and identify areas to improve in order to be more efficient and profitable.

Jason Barley from AFBI’s Veterinary Sciences Division will then deliver a talk on how farmers and vets can implement an effective flock health plan. Case studies will be presented to highlight the potential benefits that can be achieved following the implementation of a fit for purpose health and production plan. Further information can be found on the AgriSearch website.