Breeding rams selling to £195 at Hilltown Mart

Hilltown Mart
Hilltown Mart

Thursday at Hilltown Mart fat lambs sold to £75, store lambs sold to £62.50, fat ewes sold to £80 and breeding rams sold to £195.

Fat lambs: Dromara farmer £75 for 29.5kg (254ppk). Rathfriland farmer £74 for 25kg (296ppk), £72 for 24kg (300ppk) £71 for 23.5kg (302ppk). Kilkeel farmer £73.50 for 27.5kg (267ppk), £70 for 24kg (292ppk). Downpatrick farmer £73 for 25kg (292ppk). Annaclone farmer £72 for 22.5kg (346ppk), £71 for 20.5kg (346ppk). Hilltown farmer £70 for 23kg (291ppk). Warrenpoint farmer £68 for 22.5kg (302ppk).

Store lambs: Warrenpoint farmer £62.50 for 18.5kg (337ppk). Kilcoo farmer £61.50 for 18kg (341ppk). Rathfriland farmer £61 for 17kg (358ppk). Hilltown farmer £60.50 for 18kg (336ppk), £59.50 for 15.5kg (384ppk). Attical farmer £60 for 17.5kg (342ppk), £58.50 for 16kg (365ppk).

Fat ewes: Hilltown farmers £80, £75. Kilkeel farmer £80, £79, £70. Rathfriland farmer-£69. Newry farmer £75.

Breeding rams: Rathfriland farmer £195, £155. Kilkeel farmer £150.

Breeding ewes: Castlewellan farmer £100.

Bullocks to £1,495.

Saturday at Hilltown Mart fat cows sold to £1,225, cows and calves to £1,100. Bullock fetched £1,495 and heifers sold to £1,050.

Fat cows: Rostrevor farmer £1,225 for 860kg (142ppk). Kilkeel farmer £110 for 784kg (141ppk). Mayobridge farmer £1,090 for 752kg (144ppk), £940 for 680kg (138ppk). Dromara farmer £1,000 for 812kg (123ppk).

Cows and calves: Castlewellan farmers £1,100, £960. Mayobridge farmers £980, £930, £920.

Bulls: Kilkeel farmers £1,060 for 742kg (142ppk), £800 for 474kg (168ppk). Rathfriland farmer £740.

Weanling males: Castlewellan farmer £965 for 582kg (165ppk), £830 for 454kg (182ppk), £770 for 434kg (177ppk). Rostrevor farmer £940 for 516kg (182ppk). Hilltown farmer £835 for 492kg (169ppk). Kilkeel farmer £780 for 408kg (191ppk), £750 for 472kg (158ppk), £740 for 408kg (181ppk)

Bullocks: Banbridge farmer £1,495 for 822kg (181ppk), £1,400 for 748kg (187ppk). £1,380 for 830kg (166ppk), £1,375 for 734kg (187ppk), £1,320 for 692kg (190ppk). Hilltown farmer £1,345 for 686kg (196ppk). Kilcoo farmer £1,235 for 680kg (181ppk), £1,200 for 690kg (173ppk). Mayobridge farmer £1,175 for 624kg (188ppk), £1,160 for 770kg (150ppk).

Weanling heifers: Kilkeel farmer £855 for 484kg (176ppk), £800 for 498kg (160ppk), £750 for 442kg (169ppk), £725 for 442kg (167ppk), £705 for 422kg (167ppk). Rostrevor farmer £720 for 420kg (171ppk).

Heifers: Kilcoo farmer £1,050 for 576kg (182ppk). Castlewellan farmer £1,025 for 658kg (155ppk). Annalong farmer £1,015 for 488kg (208ppk). Whitecross farmer-£960 for 480kg (200pppk), £955 for 488kg (195ppk), £945 for 498kg (189ppk). Kilkeel farmer £950 for 782kg (121ppk). Mayobridge farmer £900 for 566kg (159ppk).