Brisk demand for cattle at Lisnaskea

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A seasonal entry of cattle on offer at Lisnaskea Livestock sales on Tuesday, 6th August sold to a brisk demand for all sorts with lots more stock required to supply a growing demand.

This week cows and calves sold to £1175, strong store heifers sold to £1100 for a 620kg Ch, weanling males sold to £775 for a 360kg Ch, weanling heifers sold to £830 for a 430kg Lim.

LEADING PRICES AS FOLLOWS: Derrylin Producer £1175 for Heifer with Bull Calf.

STORE & WEANLING HEIFERS: Lisnaskea Producer 620kg Ch. to £1100. Derrylin Producer 430kg Lim. to £830 and 410kg Ch. to £785. Newtownbutler Producer 420kg AA. to £805. Derrylin Producer 420kg Lim. to £800. Derrylin Producer 400kg Ch. to £790. Derrylin Producer 380kg Lim. to £780 and 360kg Lim. to £630. Aghalane Producer 280kg Ch. to £695 and 370kg AA. to £665. Lisnaskea Producer 350kg Her. to £650, 330kg Lim. to £650, 390-kg B/B. to £630, 320kg Lim. to £560, and 350kg Her. to £540.

WEANLING MALES: Newtownbutler Producer 360kg Ch. to £775 and 380kg Sim. to £720. Derrylin Producer 340kg Lim. to £770. Maguiresbridge Producer 340kg AA. to £725.