British wool in the spotlight

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The British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) will be thrusting British wool and the board’s activities in to the spotlight at this year’s NSA Sheep Event, Malvern, on Wednesday, July 27, of which BWMB is a mainline sponsor.

As part of the BWMB activities at the event the board’s stand will showcase the work being done on behalf of wool producers to increase returns and BWMB staff will be on hand to answer producers questions, explained BWMB chairman Ian Buchanan.

“Despite the current pressures in the wool market BWMB is extremely active in its marketing and promotion of British wool and this, combined with the work of the Campaign for Wool, is helping maintain demand for our fibre.

“Producers marketing their wool through the board can be confident they are supporting a collaborative organisation which is doing its best to maximise the value of their wool.”

Naturally producers will have questions they’d like answering and BWMB representatives will be on hand throughout the event to talk to producers and answer any queries, added Mr Buchanan.

Gareth Jones, BWMB Producer Communications Manager, said: “For the first time this year the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs will be joining the board on its stand to highlight the work the two organisations are doing together.

“BWMB has for many years supported the next generation through its shearing training and other activities. Recent work with NFYFC has helped its members understand the board’s role in more detail and focussed on explaining the wool supply chain to young farmers.”

Sarah Palmer, agriculture officer for NFYFC said the organisation’s relationship with BWMB was an important one and had provided a unique insight in to wool marketing.

“With BWMB being the last remaining central marketing board it provides a great contrast to how other agricultural products are marketed and this is experience invaluable for our members as they pursue careers in agriculture.”

The joint BWMB and CfW iconic three metre high installation will again form the stunning centrepiece of the BWMB’s stand.

Mr Jones said: “The ‘WOOL’ installation is a dramatic statement piece covered in different wool applications which has drawn enormous attention wherever it has been shown before. The nature of the piece means it is very much a touch and feel piece as well as a stunning visual display.

“The piece is a perfect reflection of the British wool industry, showcasing a wide variety of uses for wool from the massive range of breeds and types farmed across the world.”

Also featuring on the stand will be an identify the breed competition with visitors challenged to identify different breeds from various wool types.