BTB is much bigger scandal than RHI: says FFA

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Farmers for Action has claimed the issue of Bovine TB is a bigger scandal than RHI.

The group’s Steering Committee have come out in full support of Robin Swann MLA’s recent press release on the lack of Bovine Tuberculosis eradication.

FFA say the time has come to ask the Secretary of State Karen Bradley to step in and implement the Defra policy in Northern Ireland with immediate effect to be overseen by George Eustice, Minister for Agriculture.

William Taylor stated: “George Eustice MP has clearly put his shoulder to the wheel in England and Wales and is getting results. It is no longer acceptable for NI’s Department for Agriculture to continue fudging this issue for whatever reasons behind the scenes.

“It is no longer acceptable to put farming families through extreme family pressure financially and to risk their lives, their staff’s lives and Department staff and vets on the grounds lives testing and re-testing cattle abusing their welfare whilst they get increasingly agitated and aggressive with the sign of needles.

“It is no longer acceptable to waste £40million+ per year (almost £800million in the last 20 years) of taxpayers money implementing a fudged TB policy in Northern Ireland whilst in breach of the eradication policy in place by Brussels.

“It is no longer acceptable for the Department to be setting up yet another TB quango to fudge the issue, all ahead of the recent consultation results – in short it is a complete fudge to buy more time in avoiding culling sick badgers and getting the job done. Meanwhile Northern Ireland’s pedigree and other live export reputation gets further destroyed by the day!”

“Northern Ireland is fast becoming the TB scourge of Europe. Time for Karen Bradley to act!” he concluded.