Bullocks £1402/750kg with more top prices for cattle at Draperstown Mart

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More top prices at Beattie’s sale at Draperstown last Friday.

Cattle sold to a packed ringside with an outstanding entry of stock.

Bullocks £1402/750kg, heifers £1300/630kg and fat cows £1116/730kg.

BULLOCKS: Ralph Pickering £1402/750kg, Richard Allen £1380/680kg, £1370/670kg, £1370/680kg, £1300/640kg, £1300/630kg, £1285/580kg,Kevin Lagan £1300/660kg, J and K Lavery £1370/700kg, £1300/660kg, Kevin Lagan £1345/690kg, £1310/660kg, John Downey £1340/630kg, £1275/630kg, £1265/660kg, £1260/580kg, £1255/620kg, Kerton £1283.40/690kg, Ralph Pickering £1283.40/690kg, Andrew Johnston £1275/690kg, Meredith Gibson £1275/620kg, £1265/630kg, John Quinn £1270/670kg, £1255/620kg, £1250/670kg, Martin Hallagher £1270/640kg, David Brown £1260/740kg, £1240/660kg, Patrick Kane £1255/670kg, Patrick Gormley £1250/570kg, Samuel Lees £1240/630kg, Martin Gallagher £1235/600kg, Richard Allen £1235/600kg, £1230/620kg, Patrick Kane £1235/650kg, Bernard Lavery £1225/590kg, John Downey £1225/600kg, Martin Gallagher £1220/590kg, £1220/600kg,. £1210/590kg, £1210/590kg, Louise and Michael O’Neill £1215/580kg, Patrick Gormley £1210/600kg, David Brown £1205/700kg,Kevin Lagan £1200/610kg, David Brown £1200/700kg, £1200/6900kg, £1200/700kg, Pat Logue £1195/600kg, Fearghal McKenna £1195/590kg, Meredith Gibson £1195/620kg, Richard Allen £1190/620kg, £1190/620kg.

HEIFERS: Louise and Michael O’Neill £1300/630kg, £1230/650kg, Gilbert Crawford £1215/580kg, £1175/580kg, Allan Speer £1170/600kg, William Johnston £1160/670kg, Joseph Doris £1155/630kg, Patrick Gormley £1150/550kg, Allan Speers £1140/570kg, £1105/580kg, £1100/540kg, £1020/540kg, £1010/480kg, Jonathon Crawford £1120/550kg, £1040/500kg, Patrick Gormley £1090/510kg, Gilbert Crawford £1005/520kg, Allen Speer £1000/530kg, £1000/480kg, £1000/500kg, £1000/500kg, Jonathon Crawford £1000/530kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Eamon McCloskey £1160, B and R Kelly £1110, £1100, James McKernan £1020, G Lynch £1000, G Park £885.

FAT COWS: John McConnell £1116/730kg, Aidan Loughran £1108.80/720kg, £1086/600kg, Thomas Beattie £1055.70/690kg, Frank Stewart £991.60/740kg, Thomas Beattie £9797.20/720kg, P O’Neill £943.40/530kg, Aidan Loughran £832.20/730kg, Frank Stewart £824.90/730kg, Hugh O’Neill £822.80/680kg, John Quinn £819/630kg, Dermot Nugent £814/740kg, J Lennox £749.700/630kg, Hugh Lennox £747.50/650kg, Hugh O’Neill £745.80/660kg, John Quinn £743.40/630kg,John McConnell £730/630kg, Pat McKenna £715.20/480kg.