Bullocks sell to £1,240 at Downpatrick Mart

Downpatrick Mart
Downpatrick Mart

At the Monday night cattle sale on August 19, 2019, there was a good entry of quality cattle.

In the heavy weight category heifers peaked at £1.90ppk for a 374kg Limousin with bullocks at £2.10ppk for a 386kg Aberdeen Angus.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

Bullocks 500kg plus: Downpatrick farmer 606kg Aberdeen Angus £1,240 (2.05ppk), Ballynoe farmer 574kg Charolais £1,120 (1.96ppk), 588kg Charolais £1,065 (1.81kg), 592kg Charolais £1.060 (1.79ppk), 596kg Charolais £1,050 (1.76ppk), 600kg Charolais £1,040 (1.73ppk), 584kg Charolais £1,035 (1.77ppk), 536kg Charolais £1,030 (1.92ppk), 552kg Charolais £1,000 (1.81ppk), 560kg Charolais £990 (1.61ppk), 500kg Charolais £975 (1.95ppk), 522kg Simmental £950 (1.82ppk), Ardglass farmer 538kg Aberdeen Angus £900 (1.62ppk), Strangford farmer 532kg Aberdeen Angus £875 (1.65ppk), Raffrey farmer 524kg Limousin £830 (1.58ppk), Ballyhornan farmer 524kg Aberdeen Angus £790 (1.51ppk) and Strangford farmer 506kg Holstein £655 (1.29ppk).

Bullocks 200-499kg: Drumreagh farmer 386kg Limousin £810 (2.10ppk), Raffrey farmer 462kg Simmental £940 (2.03ppk), Ballyward farmer 474kg Fleckvieh £900 (1.89ppk), Leitrim farmer 480kg Aberdeen Angus £895 (1.87ppk), 422kg Limousin £870 (2.06ppk), 492kg Aberdeen Angus £855 (1.74ppk), Kilclief farmer 494kg Belgian Blue £855 (1.73ppk), Ardglass farmer 436kg Blonde d'Aquitaine £835 (1.91ppk), Ballyward farmer 458kg Aberdeen Angus £805 (1.76ppk), Strangford farmer 486kg Simmental £800 (1.71ppk), Ardglass farmer 382kg Blonde d'Aquitaine £795 (2.08ppk), Ballyward farmer 410kg Limousin £790 (1.93ppk), Ballygowan farmer 490kg Stabiliser £790 (1.61ppk), Strangford farmer 468kg Simmental £785 (1.68ppk), Killinchy farmer 428kg Stabiliser £780 (1.83ppk), Strangford farmer 474kg Aberdeen Angus £775 (1.64ppk), 476kg Aberdeen Angus £770 (1.62ppk), 406kg Simmental £770 (1.90ppk), Ardglass farmer 402kg Blonde d'Aquitaine £750 (1.87ppk), 370kg Blonde d'Aquitaine £750 (2.03ppk) and Strangford farmer 432kg Simmental £720 (1.67ppk).

Heifers 200-530kg: Ballyward farmer 374kg Limousin £660 (1.90ppk), Strangford farmer 526kg Belgian Blue £850 (1.63ppk), 532kg Belgian Blue £825 (1.55ppk), 526kg Aberdeen Angus £790 (1.50ppk), Drumreagh farmer 470kg Limousin £790 (1.68ppk), 406kg Limousin £770 (1.89ppk), Castlewellan farmer 408kg Aberdeen Angus £670 (1.64ppk), Strangford farmer 398kg Simmental £640 (1.60ppk) and Derryboye farmer 482kg Hereford £640 (1.33ppk).