Bullocks sell to £1075 for 540kg at Pomeroy Mart

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A great show of cattle on Thursday sold to a packed ringside. Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Brian Boyle £1075/540kg, £1020/520kg, C and P Daly £1055/500kg, £890/430kg, £850/440kg, Joseph McKenna £1050/500kg, Patrick McKenna £1000/500kg, £920/420kg, £850/400kg, Sean Coyle £960/420kg, £900/440kg, £890/460kg, Gerard Potter £960/315kg, William Hughes £910/470kg, William Hughes £835/420kg, Peter McNally £795/400kg, Mary Donaghy £790/400kg, Samuel Hawkes £780/350kg, Peter Gillespie £780/340kg, Eugene Quinn £780/400kg, Eugene Quinn £780/400kg, Samuel Hawkes £775/360kg.

HEIFERS: Leonard Foster £1170, Conor and Peter Daly £1095/490kg, Gortavoy Farms £1070, £1050, Patrick McGinn £1010, £970, £840, Ciaran Molloy £940/560kg, Joseph McKenna £930/460kg, B Taggart £925, Ciaran Molloy £900/480kg, Leslie Carson £895/460kg, Joseph McKenna £885/80kg, Bracken Farms £800/220kg, Daniel Raffery £800/420kg, William Hughes £760/370kg, Ryan Barry £755/400kg, Daniel Rafferty £725/420kg, William Hughes £700/400kg.