Bullocks sold to £1,285 for 730kg at Lisahally Mart

Lisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

A sharper trade this week with bullocks selling to 205ppk (£800/390kg) and heifers to 222ppk (£800kg/360kg).

BULLOCKS: Daniel Wade £1,285/730kg, £1,230/700kg, £1,200/670kg, £1,175/700kg, Donlas Sayers £1,260/690kg, James Sayers £1,215/660kg, £1,115/610kg, A McMurray £1,160/660kg, K Kennedy £1,155/670kg, Raymond Snodgrass £1,150/590kg, I Smyth £1,140/590kg, Keith Cunningham £1,120/640kg, Joseph Cunningham £1,110/600kg, A McMurray £1,100/680kg, J Sayers £1,090/560kg, W Kennedy £1,080/550kg, Raymond Snodgrass £1,080/590kg, £1,060/560kg, £1,050/580kg, £1,020/560kg, A McMurray £1,050/640kg, James Sayers £1,050/550kg, £1,000/560kg, James McGaughey £965/610kg, £885/630kg, /490kg, £890/510kg, Jean Sayers £895/530kg, £895/520kg, £865/480kg, Harold Nutt £870/520kg, S and A Conway £820/440kg, £800/390kg, S McKeever £800/520kg and Jean Sayers £800/470kg.

HEIFERS: Donald Sayers £1,270/730kg, £1,245/710kg, W Kennedy £1,030/530kg, £970/580kg, Harold Nutt £970/550kg, S and A Conway £900/470kg, £865/480kg, James McCaughey £895/590kg, £880/610kg, Harold Nutt £860/510kg, David Devine £850/490kg, £830/480kg, £820/440kg, £800/450kg, £760/410kg, William Smyth £830/600kg, £820/580kg, £770/550kg, James McCaughey £800/560kg, R Moore £800/460kg, S and A Conway £800/360kg, David Devine £750/420kg, £740/430kg, R Moore £745/440kg, I Smyth £740/400kg, £705/430kg, David Devine £710/380kg, Stuart Parkhill £705/430kg, £700/390kg and I Smyth £700/430kg.

SUCKLER COWS: David Hunter £1,460, £1,390, £1,380, £1,300, £1,280 and William Morrell £1,020.

Fat lambs sell to £100 on Tuesday store lambs remain a strong trade selling to £72, fat ewes £108.50 and breeding hoggets £150.

FAT LAMBS: Michael O'Hara £100/27kg, Reid Clarke £78/26kg, Michael O'Hara £78/25kg, Robert Quigley £77.20/23kg, Kenneth Johnston £77/24kg, A McMurray £77/24kg, E Elder £77/26kg, Brian Johston £76.80/25kg, Patrick Sharkey £76.80/24kg, Howard Fulton £76/23kg, John Dodds £76/24kg and David Walsh £75.80/23kg.

STORE LAMBS: Eilesh O'Neill £72, Arnold Riley £71.50, Alaexander MacDonald £70.80, Glenn Riley £70, E C Elder £68, James Cochrane £64.50, R Houston £63, Vincent McAteer £63 and Amanda Scott £52.50.

FAT EWES: John McWilliams £108.50, C Feeney £105, Stanley McMurray £85, David O'Neill £85, Olsen Allen £84, R and G Allen £83.50, Patrick Sharkey £82, Morris McDonald £81, Richard Sproule £80, £75 and Stephen Johnston £77.50.

BREEDING HOGGETS: John Donaghy £150, John Gault £145, Robert Houston £140, £134, £132, £132, George Haslett £138, John Donaghy £131, £131, John Gault £130, Robert Houston £130, Clive Connell £128, George Haslett £128 and Kenneth Johnston £128.