Bullocks sold to £1,370 at Rathfriland Co-Op

Rathfriland Co-Op
Rathfriland Co-Op

An excellent entry of cattle on Friday (May 24) with an exceptional trade.

For example, 107 dropped calves sold to £555 for a Charolais heifer only five months old from Begney.

Five month old Blue bulls reached £425 from a Rathfriland farm.

Weanlings easily cleared up to £1,115 from Killinchy.

A Kilkeel farmer reached 284p/k for a 162k Aberdeen Angus at £460. A Ballymaderphy farmer sold a 306k Charolais male at £810 and a 284k Charolais male at £770 or 271p/k.

A much larger entry of heifers sold to £1,160 for a 620k Limousin from Ballinran.

Many other heifers sold from £900 up.

A Ballybannon farmer sold four Aberdeen Angus cows with calves at foot to £1,400, £1,300, £1,230 and £1,165.

Fat cows sold to £1,010 for a 724k Hereford from Rostrevor.

A year old Charolais breeding bull sold at £1,405 from Dromara.

Bullocks sold to £1,370 for a 740k Aberdeen Angus from Kilkeel.

A 650k Limousin from Ballykeel reached £1,250.

A 540k Hereford from Corbally sold at £1,080.


Begney farmer: Charolais female, £555, Limousin female, £465. Cullion farmer: Hereford bull £550. Rathfriland farmer: Pen of Blue bulls and heifers, £425, £415, £385, £370, £330, £320, £320 and £300. Hilltown farmer: Simmental male, £370, heifer £370. Ballinaskeagh farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £335, Aberdeen Angus heifer £370, Blue heifer, £330. Cascum farmer: Blue bull £340. Seaforde farmer: Charolais heifer £345. Dromore farmer: Hereford bull £335.


Killinchy farmer: 600k at £1,115. Kilkeel farmer: 420k at £905, 336k at £835, 388k at £825, 354k at £760. Ballymaderphy farmer: 362k at £900, 306k at £810, 284k at £770. Keady farmer: 500k at £900. Aughnaloopy farmer: 356k at £835, 162k at £460, 196k at £490, 212k at £500, 176k at £410. Dromore farmer: 396k at £915, 360k at £890. Shinn farmer: 396k at £825, 392k at £770, 386k at £750, 382k at £745. Banbridge farmer: 324k at £800, 332k at £750, 330k at £745, 346k at £760.


Ballinran farmer: 620k at £1,160, 552k at £1,070, 546k at £1,025. Ballykeel farmer: 522k at £990. Poyntzpass farmer: 498k at £950. Shinn farmer: 500k at £940, 462k at £845. Ballymagreehan farmer: 408k at £880, 208k at £480, 302k at £705, 234k at £500 and 292k at £645. Keady farmer: 420k at £810. Dromara farmer: 328k at £690.

FAT & SUCKLER COWS AND BULLS: A young Ch bull from Dromara sold at £1,405. Ballybrannon farmer: Cows with calves; £1,400, £1,300, £1,230 and £1,165. Fat cows sold to £1,010 for 724k from Rostrevor. Other top prices included, Ballinran farmer: 774k at £885. Dromara farmer: 656k at £860.


Leitrim farmer: 740k at £1,370, 672k at £1245. Corbally farmer: 520k at £1,110, 540k at £1,080, 518k at £960. Ballykeel farmer: 622k at £1195 and 650k at £1,220. Ballyroney farmer: 646k at £1,120, 560k at £1,010. Corgary farmer: 522k at £1,000, 560k at £950. Dromara farmer: 498k at £980, 502k at £905, 458k at £890 and 414k at £830.

Lamb prices rose by £6.00 per head and fat ewes by £10 per head on Tuesday evening (May 28).

Several pens of lambs sold at £93 per head. A top of 421p/k was paid for 19k from Banbridge at £80.

Fat ewes were a flying trade to £125 for a Hilltown farmer followed by £115 for a Rathfriland farm.


Banbridge farmer: 19k at £80. Kilkeel farmer: 21k at £86. Ballygowan farmer: 21k at £85. Rostrevor farmer: 21.6k at £87. Shinn farmer: 22.2k at £89. Ballyward farmer: 22k at £88. Banbridge farmer: 21.5k at £86. Ringsend farmer: 20.5k at £82. Cabra farmer: 20.5k at £86. Glenane farmer: 21.8k at £87. Hilltown farmer: 21.3k at £85. Ardglass famrer: 23.2k at £92. Newcastle farmer: 23.8k at £93. Ballynanny farmer: 25k at £93.


Hilltown farmer: £125. Rathfriland farmer: £115. Ringsend farmer: £100. Rathfriland farmer: £95 and £94. Hilltown farmer: £92. Hillsborough farmer: £91. Shinn farmer: £90.