Bullocks to £1080/520kg and heifers £970/400kg at Lisahally

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A great show of cattle on Wednesday with a steady trade throughout. Bullocks £1080/520kg, heifers £970/400kg.

BULLOCKS: A Moore £1080/520kg, Samuel Gamble £1065/630kg, £1035/650kg, £1000/600kg, £920/560kg, R Killen £1055/730kg, £945/650kg, £945/670kg, £895/650kg, £870/600kg, Jame McElwee £1000/620kg, £990/630kg, £980/710kg, £950/650kg, John McHugh £945/520kg, £910/450kg, £810/440kg, Callum Devine £905/490kg, £790/480kg, Ethel Doherty £605/420kg.

HEIFERS: A Moore £970/400kg, £950/420kg, £920/410kg, £900/440kg, £820/490kg, £800/460kg, £800/380kg, £800/460kg, £790/450kg, £790/440kg, £775/320kg, John McHugh £910/500kg, G and S Farm £900/530kg, £865/530kg, £850/530kg, £780/520kg, G Chritie £850/490kg, £765/430kg, £750/420kg, Norman McFarland £805/450kg, £770/420kg, Wilbert McNeill £790/510kg, £760/470kg, S Downey £780/380kg, £760/420kg, £745/410kg, £750/470kg, £735/400kg, £730/380kg, Wilbert McNeill £700/430kg.