Business planning and development

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In order for any business to achieve longevity, it is important that it stays profitable and continues to provide value for its customers.

It is also critical to make sure that income exceeds outgoings in order to sustain profitability.

To ensure this happens, effective business management is crucial, as it involves all of the activities associated with running a successful business, such as managing, monitoring, planning and organising. Carrying out these tasks successfully will ensure that you are fully aware of your businesses position within the marketplace, and in turn, understand your customers’ needs.

Lantra offers a one-day Business Management training course that has been developed specifically for those involved in running and managing their own business. It will help you to review how well your business is currently positioned, and look at any potential impacts, and how these can be addressed.

The workshop will enable learners to consider their own business and to reflect on issues associated with developing a business plan. The day will stimulate thought about the future of their business and provide time to complete a template business plan with support from the tutor.

The workshop will allow learners to:

• Establish why they are in business and what business they are in

• Review how well the business is currently positioned

• Identify their personal and business objectives

• Consider how the business is likely to develop in the short and medium term

• Review and address the impact of internal and external changes on the business

• Identify actions that they can take to implement success

• Draft their own business plan.

To find a Lantra Awards training provider offering this training, visit, or contact the Northern Ireland office on or 07867 908 171.