Butchers meet LMC seal of approval

Photo by Simon Graham/Harrison Photography
Photo by Simon Graham/Harrison Photography

The Livestock and Meat commission for Northern Ireland has launched a pilot project with butchers from across Northern Ireland to further strengthen the integrity of the Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assurance Scheme (FQAS) for consumers.

Montgomery Food consulting has been commissioned to carry out a series of visits to butchers who are currently members of the FQAS Butcher’s Scheme to assist them to comply with scheme standards and to assure customers that FQAS beef and lamb on sale in their shops has been independently verified.

Commenting on the initiative Colin Smith from LMC said: “It is of the utmost importance that the integrity of the FQAS is maintained across every facet of the beef and lamb supply chains and with this series of visits LMC will be in a position to further reinforce the standards of the FQAS Butcher‘s scheme.

“The NIFQA Scheme is one of the longest established of all the Farm Quality Assurance schemes, not only in the UK but probably worldwide. The Scheme focuses on three key pillars; food safety, animal welfare and care for the environment and is represented by the FQAS logo which is recognised by 82% of consumers across Northern Ireland. Only butchers licensed by LMC are eligible to use this logo to promote their produce. LMC will visit 10% of the FQAS butcher scheme members before 31st March 2015 with the view that the pilot will be rolled out from 1st of April 2015.”

To find your nearest FQAS licensed butcher, find out more about Farm Quality Assurance or to see a range of delicious beef and lamb recipes log on to www.beefandlambni.com. Any butcher wishing to join the scheme, contact LMC on 028 9263 3000.