Buyers mean business at Uppermill and Old Glenort Sale

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From the minute the first lot hit the sale ring it was clear bidders meant business at the landmark sale of females from the Old Glenort and Uppermill herds on behalf of James Porter.

Securing the sales top price of 4600 guineas was the simply outstanding Beef Shorthorn maiden heifer “Uppermill Rothes Jet (P)”. This March 2014 born youngster has a big future ahead of her and now joins the Highland Wagyu enterprise at Dunblane. She is sired by Dunsyre Demetri, and is out of the Podehole Yeaoman daughter Uppermill Jasmine.

Moments earlier Mohsin Altajir also snapped up “Uppermill Cillian Jenny (P)” at 4000 guineas. This is the first daughter of Eionmor Chieftan to come under the hammer in the UK. Both of these maidens will add new bloodlines to the shorthorn herd at Highland Wagyu.

Leading the way in the Aberdeen Angus section of the catalogue was “Old Glenort Melanie K897” who attracted a final call of 4400 guineas. She was purchased by Andrew Ewing on behalf of Tirelli Brothers, Italy. The Moss Mr Eshton is behind this five year old cow, who was sold with a strong March born bull calf at foot by The Moss Quebec.

Daughters of The Moss Mr Eshton proved popular in the sale with “Old Glenort Edwina H722” realising 3700 guineas. This former show cow who has previously stood top of the females at Balmoral Show in 2011, was accompanied in the ring by her twin bull calves by The Moss Quebec and sold to a County Armagh purchaser.

Maidens heifers reached 3400 guineas forked out by Trevor Wallace, Dromore for “Old Glenort Victoria P802”. This March 2014 born daughter of The Moss Quebec has plenty of show potential, and will be one to look out for next season.

Cows from the Uppermill herd topped at 3800 guineas paid for “Uppermill Lillian Juicy (P)” selling with her spring born heifer calf at foot. Sired by Uppermill Jinks, this super third calver traces back to Canadian breeding on her dams side. She was snapped up by Alastair Stewart, Limavady.

The trade for shorthorn maiden heifers was on fire as auctioneer Graham Loughery worked his way through the 16 on offer which returned a healthy average of £2878.

There were two sold for 3400 guineas. The first of these was “Uppermill Flossy Sandra (P)” by the homebred sire Uppermill Gladiator. She was bought by Douglas McFadzean, Perthshire. “Uppermill Flossy Felicity (P)” sold for the same money to Dundarave Estate, Bushmills.

The entire catalogue met with brisk trade resulting on a complete clearance.

Auctioneers : JA McClelland, Ballymena.

Leading prices in guineas

Uppermill Rothes Jet (P), Dunsyre Demetri, 4600; Old Glenort Melanie K897, The Moss Mr Eshton, 4400; Uppermill Cillian Jenny (P), Eionmor Cheiftan, 4000; Uppermill Lillian Juicy (P), Uppermill Jinks, 3800; Old Glenort Edwina H722, The Moss Mr Eshton, 3700; Old Glenort Victoria G464, The Moss Mr Eshton, 3600; Uppermill Flossy Fandango (P), Trunley Zorba (P), 3600; Uppermill Sandie Blythesome (H), Ardoyne Bombus, 3500; Uppermill Lovely Lacey (H), Podehole Yeoman, 3400; Old Glenort Victoria G346 ET, Young Dale Touch Down, 3400; Old Glenort Victoria P802, The Moss Quebec, 3400; Uppermill Flossy Sandra (P), Uppermill Gladiator, 3400; Uppermill Flossy Felicity (P), Dunsyre Demetri, 3400; Uppermill Rothes Madison, Podehole Yeoman, 3000; Uppermill Broadhooks Bubble (P), Eionmore Chieftan, 3000; Uppermill Lovely Lamper (P), Uppermill Gladiator, 3000; Uppermill Lovely Lotto (P), Dunsyre Demetri, 3000; Uppermill Secret Sandra (P), Dunsyre Demetri, 2800; Old Glenort Ella P314, The Moss Quebec, 2500; Old Glenort Ella P056, The Moss Quebec, 2450; Old Glenort Edwina P964, Old Glenort Kennedy, 2400; Old Glenort Precious Pollot P883, Old Glenort Kennedy, 2400; Old Glenort Edwina P001, Old Glenort Kennedy, 2300.


Angus cows and calves £2457, maidens £2226

Shorthorn cows and calves £2328, maidens £2878.