Buying a quad for Christmas?

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If Santa brings a quad to the farm this Christmas, are you and your family safe?

The quad bike, or ATV (all-terrain vehicle) started life as a useful helper on the farm, however, they’re now often purchased as Christmas presents with various members of the family using them for off-road leisure activities as well as farming.

As with most machines, the temptation is to push it to go faster or do more, however, used carelessly, quads can very quickly become unstable, and even the most experienced riders can find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. It’s important to remember that quads don’t have the protective systems that tractors do, such as roll bars, cages or cabs, and they can easily overturn and lose stability.

Everyone on the farm driving a quad should complete training in the safe handling of the bike and always wear a helmet. Children under 16 years are not permitted to drive quad bikes. Without proper training, serious accidents can occur. Don’t spoil Christmas and the New Year …if you’re planning on purchasing a quad bike, plan on undertaking some training too.

Lantra offers high quality training that provides the essential knowledge and skills required to operate a quad - Lantra Awards Technical Award for Sit-astride ATVs. The course covers the key fundamentals of driving, loading, health and safety and complying with legal requirement; a mixture of both theory and practical activities during the day.

To find a Lantra provider offering this training, visit, or contact the Northern Ireland office on or 07867 908 171