BVA and BVA Northern Ireland Branch respond to release of TB testing contract

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On 21 and 22 January, the general terms of the procurement contract for TB testing in Northern Ireland were released at supplier open days, arranged by DARD.

Incoming president of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) Northern Ireland Branch, Seamus O’Kane, who attended the two supplier open days, said: “BVA Northern Ireland Branch broadly welcomes the release of the general terms of the procurement contract for TB testing however concerns were raised about some of the details of the KPIs.

“Further discussions are taking place with the veterinary associations and we look forward to the release of the full contract on 1 March 2016.”

BVA president Sean Wensley added: “Our veterinary colleagues carrying out TB testing throughout the UK are engaged in work vital to animal health and welfare and to agricultural economies.

“We are working with administrations in every country to ensure the essential and expert work of veterinary surgeons is fully-recognised and that a balance is struck between proper remuneration for veterinary services, client choice, and certainty and ease in the administration of the service, including clarity in relation to KPIs.”