BVA calls for change to badger culling method in England


The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has called for the four-year culls of badgers in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire to be completed using the ‘tried and tested’ method of cage trapping and shooting only.

In light of the results from two years of culling in the two pilot areas, BVA has concluded that it can no longer support the continued use of controlled shooting as part of the badger control policy.

Following a full discussion at BVA Council, at which a wide range of views were expressed, BVA concluded that the results from the first two years of culling have not demonstrated conclusively that controlled shooting can be carried out effectively and humanely based on the criteria that were set for the pilots.

BVA says it remains supportive of the use of badger culling as a necessary part of the comprehensive strategy for the control and eradication of bovine TB in England.