CAFRE graduates should look to a world of opportunities

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New CAFRE graduates will be encouraged to embrace change and exploit the worldwide opportunities that will emerge in the agri-food sector of the future.

In addition to congratulating the 619 students who will be graduating from the college’s three campuses at Enniskillen, Greenmount and Loughry, CAFRE Director Martin McKendry will urge graduates to remain open to new ideas and new skills as they move into the workplace.

He will say: “Given the importance of the agri-food sector to the Northern Ireland economy, I firmly believe that there is a need now more than ever for people like you – adaptable and positive, and with the appropriate skills and knowledge to manage and grow your chosen industry.

“Don’t be afraid to experience new cultures, broaden your mind, learn from others and make new business and personal contacts.

“Embrace new technologies and innovations that are driving industries forward at a rapid pace.

“You have the skills to rise to these challenges and now it’s time to grasp these opportunities.”

Mr McKendry will also praise the links between industry and the college to help create effective paths for graduates to follow their chosen careers.

He will add: “Industry plays an important role in everything we do here in CAFRE. This support is demonstrated in a number of ways, including working collaboratively, providing strategic advice and financial support for students, and offering placements and employment opportunities.

“For example, in partnership with leading organisations across the agri-food sectors, CAFRE offers a bursary programme of almost £60,000 per year.”

Of CAFRE students who graduated from full-time food courses last year, 97% were in employment or were undertaking a higher level education course six months after graduation.

Today CAFRE has more than 1,700 full and part-time students studying courses at Level 2 and above in Agriculture, Horticulture, Food Technology, Equine and Agri-business across the three campuses.

There are four CAFRE graduation ceremonies, as follows:

Loughry Campus Awards Day - Friday, June 22nd 2018 - 2pm

Greenmount Campus, Horticulture Awards Day - Tuesday, June 26th 2018 - 2pm

Enniskillen Campus Awards Day- Wednesday, June 27th 2018 - 2pm

Greenmount Campus, Agriculture Awards Day - Thursday, June 28th 2018 - 2pm

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