CAI Colum: Firearm certificate renewals advice

Steven Kelly ' nephew of Draperstown trainer, Noel Kelly partnered his first winner aboard Maz Majeec in the finale at Toome.
Steven Kelly ' nephew of Draperstown trainer, Noel Kelly partnered his first winner aboard Maz Majeec in the finale at Toome.

In order to assist the PSNI’s Firearms and Explosives Branch (FEB), Countryside Alliance Ireland is urging members to submit their firearm certificate renewal applications at least six weeks prior to the date of expiry shown on their current firearm certificate.

The minimum six week period is as stated on the PSNI’s covering letter that is included in the renewal pack.  By submitting your renewal application at least six weeks in advance, you will be helping to reduce PSNI FEB’s administrative burden and contributing towards a more efficient licensing system. 

Lyall Plant, CAI Chief Executive, commented: “In order to prevent applications being lost, we also suggest members send their applications to PSNI FEB via recorded delivery.  This will also allow you to keep a record of when your application was received by PSNI FEB.”

Douglas Butler

We are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of CAI Board member and dear friend, Douglas Butler. Douglas, who resided in County Tipperary, was a stouthearted defender of country sports and a passionate shooting man.

Combining as he did, a scientific background with that of an ordinary countryman and shooter, he used his vast knowledge and intellect on many occasions to refute findings promulgated by those against our rural activities. Throughout Ireland, the fieldsports community owe Douglas Butler a tremendous debt of gratitude and he will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Head to a Point to Point this Autumn

Autumn has arrived yet again and whilst the majority of the country may not be pleased to wave goodbye to summer, the country sports community’s eyes light up hearing talk of Halloween and the hour changing. Whilst the drawbacks of winter are the long, dark evenings, they are made so much more bearable by the contentment achieved after a good day’s hunting, whether it is with hounds or gun.

Another group who look forward to the autumn are the handlers training horses for the point to points. When everyone else is starting to think of holidays these hard workers are already bringing their horses in to prepare for the first meetings of the autumn season. Point to points are an integral part of a hunt’s fundraising. They are also an excellent way to pass a weekend afternoon. Ireland is renowned for using these races as a stepping stone for racehorses which are heading to the track.

With an increasing number of challenges to country sports and the rural way of life, everyone involved in all field sports needs to support each other and work together to protect our sporting future. So, this season, why not support a hunt and visit your local point to point; you may be witness to a star of the future.

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