Calf health number one priority on Tyrone farm

David and Valerie Tener with Chris Mollan, Mervue Laboratories Representative.
David and Valerie Tener with Chris Mollan, Mervue Laboratories Representative.

David and Valerie Tener, from Donaghmore, Co Tyrone, farm 110 acres at Tullyhogue Cookstown. They have a herd of some 120 beef suckler cows.

The cows are a combination of Charalois, Limousin and Simmental breeds. They aim to start calving from November and finish by the end of June.

Breeding is very important on the Tener farm, as David explains: “All our cows are served with either a Limousin or Simmental bull and each year we select a number of high quality female calves to supplement the herd. Our aim is to have our heifers calve down by atleast 28 months of age. In order to achieve this goal calves need to have no major setback or sickness, otherwise there are huge financial implications.”

It goes without saying animal health is the number one priority on the Tener farm; however we all know even the best managed dairy and beef farms can’t escape the scourge of calf scours and the underperformance of stock that follows.

Valerie explained the various setbacks they encountered in the past number of years, the most notable being an outbreak of crypto which had severe effects on their quality stock of young calves.

Unfortunately as Valerie highlighted, these issues go far beyond good management. It was during a visit to Irwin Farm Supplies Eglish that Nigel Irwin was able to advise David to embark on a new course of action. Nigel advised David to administer one 30ml tube of Calf Aid Paste to each calf within the first 12 hours of birth. In so doing you are embracing the principle that prevention is better than cure and Nigel says: “Why wait until you have a problem, it makes good sense on day one to try and prevent it.”

Calf Aid Paste is a micro nutrient oral paste, formulated specifically for new born calves at times of stress to support the emerging immune system, growth rates and appetite. Calf Aid Paste also contains C Guard, “a blend of plant extracts, essential oils, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants all supporting the natural management of immunity and gut health”.

As the old saying goes the “proof of the pudding is in the eating” and David and Valery don’t underestimate the contribution Calf Aid Paste has made to their farming enterprise. Healthier calves means healthier profits so they can now concentrate on fulfilling their goals of calving down their replacement heifers at 24-26 months and reaching their target weight for their beef cattle.

David and Valerie Tener have proven for themselves that a small investment on day one in your new born calf can have huge financial savings later on.

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