Caltech: Crystalyx confirms strong business growth at this year’s Sheep NI event

David Morgan, from Caltech: Crystalyx (left) chatting to John 'Loye, from Crossmaglen at the recent Sheep NI event in Ballymena.
David Morgan, from Caltech: Crystalyx (left) chatting to John 'Loye, from Crossmaglen at the recent Sheep NI event in Ballymena.

Caltech: Crystalyx had a major presence at this year’s Sheep NI event, held recently in Ballymena.

The company used the venue as a backdrop to confirm the significant growth in turnover that it has achieved throughout Northern Ireland over the past five years.

“Sales have increased consistently during this period,” said David Morgan, from Caltech: Crystalyx.

“This reflects the satisfaction of farmers in using our products but also the tremendous working relationship that we enjoy with all our retail partners.”

Morgan also had a very strong advisory message for flock owners attending Sheep NI.

“Weaning is now taking place on farms across the country,” he added.

“This is a critical time for growing lambs as their nutritional levels must be maintained, so as to ensure that daily growth rates are fully maintained, once they come off their mothers’ milk.

“However, forage quality can be far from adequate for growing lambs at this time of the year.

“Lambs may take a couple of weeks to get used to the licks, if they have not been fed them before. Intakes are typically only 20-30g/day for these smaller animals.”

Turning to the challenge to maximising the fertility levels achieved by early lambing flocks, Morgan said that Crystalyx High Energy buckets should be put in with ewes four to five weeks before the breeding season gets underway.

“The product acts to increase blood sugar levels,” he added.

“In turn, this boosts the number of viable eggs produced per ewe.”

Morgan went on to point out that Crystalyx high energy feed buckets can significantly and economically improve animal performance for sheep throughout the year.

Independent trial work carried out at Newcastle University has shown that Crystalyx increases the rate of forage digestion by rumen bacteria (by up to 10%). In turn, this stimulates forage intakes due to a reduced gut fill effect, increasing grass intake rather than replacing it.

And that’s not all! Crystalyx also increases forage digestibility (D value), so animals actually get more energy out of what they eat. These benefits continue throughout the grazing season, as long as forage supplies remain plentiful.

Morgan concluded: “Crystalyx provides all the minerals, trace elements and vitamins needed to balance grass, which is essential for optimum animal performance and health.

“The little and often trickle feeding system supplied by Crystalyx is an ideal method of ensuring this.

“Crystalyx also provides a concentrated source of sugar. This is important to help maintain rumen digestive efficiency.”