Calves sell to a top price per head of £920 at Downpatrick Mart

Downpatrick Mart
Downpatrick Mart

The first seasonal sale for autumn suckled calves was held on the night of Friday, September 20.

On the night calves sold to a top price of £2.67p per kg for a Limousin bullock at 226kg with other calves to a top price per head of £920.00 for Limousin bullock at 430kg.

Leading prices as follows:


Ballyhossett farmer 430kg Limousin £920 (2.14ppk), Loughinisland farmer 462kg Charolais £870 (1.88ppk), Ballylucas farmer 384kg Limousin £850 (2.21ppk), Downparick farmer 462kg Limousin £850 (1.84ppk) and 408kg Limousin £850 (2.08ppk), Raholp farmer 420kg Limousin £830 (1.98ppk), Crossgar farmer 360kg Limousin £830 (2.31ppk), Ballylucas farmer 382kg Limousin £825 (2.17ppk), and 452kg Limousin £825 (1.83), Downpatrick farmer 378kg Limousin £825 (2.18ppk), Crossgar farmer 338kg Limousin £820 (2.43ppk), Ballylucas farmer 374kg Limousin £815 (2.18ppk), Crossgar farmer 374kg Simmental £815 (2.18ppk), Loughinisland farmer 3360kg Simmental £815 (2.26ppk), Ballylucas farmer 384kg Limousin £805 (2.10ppk) and 428kg Limousin £805 (1.88ppk), Annadorn farmer 340kg Charolais £800 (2.35ppk), Ballywalter farmer 378kg Limousin £785 (2.08ppk), Loughinisland farmer 386kg Simmental £775 (2.01ppk), Raholp farmer 350kg Limousin £770 (2.20ppk), Ballylucas farmer 348kg Limousin £760 (2.18ppk), Crossgar farmer 354kg Limousin £755 (2.13ppk) and 382kg Limousin £745 (1.95ppk), Downpatrick farmer 392kg Limousin £740 (1.89ppk), Castlewellan farmer 308kg Aberdeen Angus £730 (2.37ppk), Downpatrick farmer 316kg Limousin £710 (2.25ppk), Loughinisland farmer 284kg Charolais £710 (2.50ppk), Annadorn farmer 284kg Charolais £705 (2.48ppk), Loughinisland farmer 296kg Charolais £700 (2.37ppk) and Ballylucas farmer 346kg Limousin £695 (2.01ppk) and 356kg Limousin £685 (1.92ppk) and 304kg Limousin £685 (2.25ppk).


Ballylucas farmer 402kg Limousin £740 (1.84ppk), Raholp farmer 446kg Limousin £735 (1.65ppk), Downpatrick farmer 386kg Limousin £710 (1.84ppk), Downpatrick farmer 340kg Limousin £655 (1.93ppk) and 332kg Limousin £650 (1.96ppk), Downpatrick farmer 362kg Limousin £645 (1.79ppk), Annadorn farmer 326kg Charolais £645 (1.98ppk), Ballylucas farmer 364kg Limousin £645 (1.77ppk), Ballywalter farmer 358kg Charolais £625 (1.75ppk), Annadorn farmer 322kg Charolais £620 (1.93ppk), Ballyward farmer 310kg Limousin £620 (2.00ppk), Downpatrick farmer 308kg Limousin £620 (2.01ppk), Ballyward farmer 312kg Limousin £600 (1.92ppk), Crossgar farmer 330kg Limousin £590 (1.78ppk) and 276kg Limousin £580 (2.10ppk), and 306kg Limousin £570 (1.86ppk), Downpatrick farmer 360kg Limousin £560 (1.56ppk), Ballyward farmer 258kg Limousin £550 (2.13ppk), Annadorn farmer 312kg Charolais £550 (1.77ppk), Seaforde farmer 278kg Charolais £540 (1.94ppk), Downpatrick farmer 308kg Limousin £535 (1.74ppk) and Annadorn farmer 300kg Charolais £520 (1.73ppk).

At the sheep sale on Saturday, September 21 there was steady trade of good quality lambs.

Fat lambs sold to £73.00.

Fat ewes sold to £90.

Light weight lambs sold to £3.42ppk.


Ballylig farmer 2kg £73.00,Ballyculter farmer 26kg £71.50, Cabra farmer 22kg £71.00, Ballylig farmer 25kg £71.00, Lisoid farmer 24kg £71.00, Lisburn farmer 23kg £69.00, Grangecam farmer 23kg £69.00, Teconnaught farmer 22kg £67.00 and 19kg £63.50, Crossgar farmer 24kg £67.00, Crossgar farmer 17kg £57.50, Lisburn farmer 17kg £55.50, Annalong farmer 15kg £51.50 and Castlewellan farmer 14g £48.00.


Corbally farmer £90.00, Clough farmer £71.50, Ballyculter farmer £68.00, Corbally farmer £65.00, Lisburn farmer £62.00, Ardglass farmer £60.00, Newcastle farmer £60.00, Clough farmer £60.00, Annalong farmer £58.00 and Legamaddy farmer £56.00.