Campaign launch to halt decline of suckler herds

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A new campaign has been launched in England in a bid to halt the decline of suckler beef herds.

The British suckler-beef breeding herd is at its lowest level since the late 1980s at 1.57 million head, having fallen by over 200,000 head in the past ten years and by over 100,000 cows in the last four years.

The UK suckler-beef herd is the second largest in Europe after France. Despite some of the highest EU farm-gate beef prices, this once mighty industry is the most vulnerable in the livestock sector.

Minette Batters, co-founder of Ladies in Beef and Deputy President NFU, will officially launch the awareness raising campaign of the critical state of the British suckler beef breeding herd, calling on farmers (and lady beef farmers especially), livestock markets, abattoirs, processors, retailers, butchers, farm shops, food service and the hospitality sector to sign up and support the campaign to raise public awareness.

Ladies in Beef is an organisation of 150 female beef farmers who care passionately about British beef. The group was formed to help promote and drive awareness of the quality and versatility of British beef to consumers using a countrywide network of dynamic lady beef ‘champions’. All the ladies are British beef farmers and proud of it.