Candidates sought for BWMB board

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Sheep farmers who value the role of producer-run organisations, or have ever wondered, or grumbled, about the British Wool Marketing Board’s operation or service, are invited to consider serving as a board member.

The following board members of the British Wool Marketing Board will reach the end of their present term of office in March 2016:

Mr Brian Dallyn, English South Western

Mr Gethin Havard, Welsh Southern

Mr Ruairidh Mackenzie, Scottish Northern

Messrs Dallyn and Havard have offered themselves for re-election but Mr Mackenzie will be retiring from the Board and, therefore, will not be standing for re-election. The BWMB is now asking for nominations from candidates who live in any of these regions.

The Wool Board is effectively the largest producer co-operative in Britain, with around 40,000 registered sheep farmers. Depending on the interest in each seat, elections will be held in February 2016 and those appointed will hold the office for three years, from April 2016.

The board brings together a wide range of skills. Board members are expected to work approximately 30 days a year, attending board meetings over a period of two or three days each month, as well as other local and national BWMB business. It is expected the board member to be an effective communicator between the board and producers. Additional beneficial skill sets would be knowledge of corporate governance and financial understanding relevant in today’s business world. Successful candidates will be expected to undertake the board’s induction programme and any other relevant non-executive director training. Remuneration of around £9,000 is paid annually, plus expenses.

To be eligible, candidates must be nominated in writing by at least ten registered wool producers in the relevant regions who will each need to supply their address, authorised signature and registration number.

For details of the regions, please see the website

Nominations should be sent to arrive no later than 4pm on Thursday 28th January 2016, by fax on 01274 652233, by email to or by post to the address below. No special form of nomination is required, but the BWMB can supply suitable forms, and further information, upon request.

Contact: Mrs J Murphy, British Wool Marketing Board, Wool House, Sidings Close, Canal Road, Bradford, BD2 1AZ.