Case IH Magnum Rowtrac CVX previewed at LAMMA 2015

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Combining the individual benefits of wheeled and tracked tractors, the new Case IH Magnum Rowtrac 380 CVX – which will be previewed in the UK at LAMMA 2015 - outperforms both

Designed for field work, it delivers a combination of advantages which the company believes will prove increasingly popular with large arable farmers and contractors. The Rowtrac is based on the Case IH Magnum 380 CVX which has just been voted ‘Tractor of the Year 2015’ by a panel of 23 independent journalists representing trade magazines in 23 countries.

Powerful and efficient, the Rowtrac combines the manoeuverability, handling and versatility of a wheeled tractor, yet floats over the ground like a tracked machine. This enables it to provide superior power delivery, minimum soil disturbance, even when turning under full power, a much smoother ride and enhanced operator comfort.

Drawing on the unrivalled experience of tracked tractors which Case IH has gained since introducing its legendary Quadtrac in 1997, the Rowtrac maintains the principle of using four contact points to transmit power to the ground.

The latest high-technology radial tyres fitted to the front wheels reduce ground pressure by up to 40% and maximise the footprint in contact with the soil, thereby minimising compaction and optimising traction. These characteristics are enhanced by the five-point front axle suspension system which also delivers much-improved ride quality.

Power transmission is optimised by the exclusive rear tracks which oscillate and pivot to maintain a flat footprint, ensuring that traction remains unaffected by either the load on the three-point linkage or drawbar. Unlike a twin-track machine, the Rowtrac produces very little ‘scuffing’ of the soil, even when turning sharply on the headlands, leaving the soil surface level and reducing the need to carry out additional passes to correct the damage.

Compared with a twin-track machine the Rowtrac’s design greatly reduces the pressure which is exerted on the soil, the amount of weight transfer from front to rear and the amount of forward/backwards pitching movement. It also enables the use of differential locks which are included in the Rowtrac’s standard specification to maximise traction in difficult conditions, a feature which is not possible on twin-track machines. Case IH offers the Rowtrac with a choice of 16”, 18”, 24” or 30”-wide tracks, which can be set to operate at 76”, 80”, 88” or 120” centres.


Powered by an 8.7-litre Cursor 9 engine which is manufactured by FPT Industrial, the Rowtrac delivers its rated power output of 380hp at 2000erpm, with up to 435hp being available when Power Boost is active. The engine produces maximum torque of 1806Nm between 1400erpm and 1600erpm. A key feature of this powerful and efficient six-cylinder unit is the Hi-eSCR technology which helps it to meet European Stage IV (Tier 4 Final) emission regulations. Simple and efficient, the system also enables Case IH to achieve best-in-class engine oil change intervals of 600-hours.

The efficiency of the Rowtrac is further optimised by its advanced CVX transmission, which incorporates four mechanical ranges to achieve a very high level of mechanical efficiency. Easy to use, it provides seamless power transfer from 0–50 KPH without the need for a lever or switch and enables the operator to pre-set three adjustable target speeds to optimise the working speed for any given operation.

Automatic Productivity Management (APM) automatically achieves the optimum balance between engine and transmission, while Active Hold Control prevents the tractor from rolling back when stopping on a hill without having to use the clutch or brakes. Headland Management Control (HMC) allows the operator to record headland functions which increases the efficiency of repetitive field applications.

A key feature of the Rowtrac is its Surveyor cab which provides an impressive 3.1m3 of internal space, 6.4m2 of glass area for excellent all-round visibility, an industry-leading in-cab sound level of just 67 dBA, together with a fully-integrated Bluetooth radio/’phone system and enhanced Multicontroller. One of the few optional extras that can be ordered to further enhance the Rowtrac’s already comprehensive standard specification is improved high-end leather seating with heated and ventilation options.

A key element in maximising operator comfort is the standard cab suspension, which reduces vibration and stabilises the cab by minimising front-to-back and up-and-down movement. Five settings allow the operator to achieve optimum ride quality while semi-active damping automatically controls seat movement.

Aside from its rear tracks, the biggest visual change which differentiates the Rowtrac from previous Magnum models is the design of its roof, which includes an array of working lights. These form part of a new 360-degree lighting package which incorporates14 LED and three HID units that together increase lighting performance by 60%, allowing for safe, and comfortable nighttime operation. Other differences include the relocated engine air intake system, now on the left-hand cab A-post for better air cleaning performance in dusty environments, new fuel and DEF tanks with padlock-type caps and integrated steps, together with handrails that enhance safety when working on the tractor.

Precision farming technology is now a vital consideration on a tractor as powerful as this, so the Rowtrac is available with the integrated Case IH AccuGuide automated guidance solution, part of the company’s AFS technology platform. The system takes its correction information from the 372 antenna which are compatible with both GLONASS and GPS satellites, while xFill technology improves the system’s reliability by maintaining operation for up to 20 minutes even if the RTK signal is lost. Optional AFS Connect Telematics use a combination of global positioning system and cellular technology to send and receive machine, agronomic and job-site information.

Case IH expect the first Magnum Rowtrac tractors to be delivered to UK customers at the end of 2015.